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Jason Bacall & John Lennox

John Lennox is no longer a new face and yet this is one of the first videos he ever made for us. In this „back in time“ video, he is paired with Jason Bacall who provides some expert guidance to the newbie. John’s innocent looks soon vanish when Jason starts to undress him and show him some of his „magic tricks“. The connection between them is undeniable. From the moment their lips first meet to the last drop of John's cum in Jason’s mouth, this video is very sensual, erotic and full of sexually intense moments.

Jason Bacall
John Lennox
u***** - 04/21/2024 11:58:39 PM

A wonderful scene with 2 beautiful young men. John, lithesome , lovely and an unabashed love for Jason's dick. Jason, consumate compassionate lover. In later scenes, he has unfortunately clipped his gorgeous bush to a bare stubble.

D********* - 03/17/2024 6:47:04 AM

I just want to keep kissing..

p***** - 02/18/2024 12:36:09 PM

John is just a dreamboat & I love the way he kisses. So sensual 💋❤️

g******* - 02/14/2024 12:37:44 AM

John and Jason are so beautiful and the chemistry was great. I wish we saw more of the tops arse as he fucks. Just love male arses!

e*********** - 02/13/2024 11:39:04 PM

Amazing! Beautiful!

j********* - 02/13/2024 11:22:44 PM

John is cute and, surprisingly the right age for a freshman, but he really needs to lose some weight and tone-up a bit. On the opposite side, it's clear that Jason stays fit and still looks good. This was a 'scene-by-the-numbers' and didn't really sparkle.

w****** - 02/13/2024 10:28:29 PM

I dread the day when there will be no more new scenes featuring Jason for me to enjoy. When I first saw him it was in a Quickie in which he and Bastian destroyed a watermelon and I rapidly grew to love him since. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

M********* - 02/13/2024 7:08:56 PM

Jason is a great lover and the right partner for John to show him what love is.

K***** - 02/13/2024 10:21:26 AM

John needs to keep his eyes open, but love him anyway. Jason is Jason and that’s as good as it gets.🇺🇦

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