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Jason Bacall & Fabian Jacq

Why Jason introduced this clip as a “training scene” is a mystery as Fabien had already been with us 18 months when this scene was filmed - far from a newbie. You will note the easy-going familiarity they have with each other’s bodies.  This is due to the two boys being friends in real life and have undoubtably already hooked up in private. While Jason has developed into a jock, Fabien maintains his twink build and youthful flexibility. Though being real life fuck buddies makes for a more relaxed and intimate shoot it does have its disadvantages. Jason was so lost in the enjoyment of fucking his friend’s fine ass that he almost forgot he was on camera- barely pulling out in time to shoot his load. Hopefully Andre Boleyn will be able to show more restraint when we see him fuck Fabien in two months. 

Jason Bacall
Fabien Jacq
M********* - 01/08/2022 5:26:55 PM

Grandious sexplay, amazing pairing with 2 beautyful lads

M****** - 12/04/2020 12:30:13 AM

Fabian's slender, smooth physique is irresistible. I wouldn't be able to stop running my hands from his chest down to his hips, lingering on that narrow waist without a gram of extra fat. His sweet smile and pretty eyes have melted my heart. His tight little buns look so hot when he rides Jason.

p************ - 05/03/2020 10:54:33 PM

ideal lads for my taste, just want to pet Fabian

R***** - 04/16/2020 8:24:59 PM

A gorgeous, sexy, cute duo.

d******* - 04/09/2020 11:22:59 AM

Fabian is so cute with those sweet lips to kiss, nice smile, lovely body and nice cock to suck. Jason good teacher bet they have some sex off camera. Will say Vabeachguy482 a good critic always finding fault in the other body!!

w****** - 04/01/2020 4:54:55 PM

Is it Fabien or Fabian? Either way he's a winner for sure & so is Jason. Jason has the most gorgeous torso especially from the side. Stunning horny boys!

g******* - 03/09/2020 8:54:40 PM

Like wow! Jason is an enthusiastic lover and that frenzied fucking at the end to produce that massive orgasm is testament to that. As he says, "Jacq is so cute". How right he is. With that smile, the swept back hair, lovely slim body and the upturned cock but the enthusiasm for gay sex is undeniable as well. Fantastic scene but no shots of Jason's amazing ass as he fucked his lover boy.

s************* - 03/07/2020 8:34:37 AM

Fabian has got to be one of the cutest models I’ve ever seen on BA! Simply adorable and that smile could melt the coldest of hearts! I can’t get enough of this boyishly handsome young man! More please!!!

R************ - 03/06/2020 2:01:32 PM

Bellissima coppia di splendidi ragazzi. Adoro le sborrate in bocca per cui mi sono fatto qui una bella sega.

V************ - 03/05/2020 9:26:16 PM

Both are very nicer looking models, albeit Fabian is a bit thin for my taste. The close ups of Jason fucking Fabian are often too close and when he is fucking so furiously it is just a blur for the most part. Fabian has some work to do to learn how to open up his throat and deep throat. He gets little ore than Jason's cock head in his mouth. There was a wonderful opportunity to pull the camera back a little bit from underneath and give us a full ass view of Jason as he fucks Fabien, but once again Luke's aversion to giving us such shots is evident by the lack there of. Overall a nice scene though.

w****** - 03/04/2020 9:43:08 PM

I have a strong suspicion that Jason forgot he was on camera much earlier and filled Fabien's ass when they were in the missionary position, leading to that rather abrupt edit. Anyway, love and kisses to both for a great performance.

t****** - 03/04/2020 11:43:43 AM

Jason is so hot! Fabien is very lucky to have him as a lover.

J****** - 03/04/2020 12:26:14 AM

Many thanks for this absolutely hot scene with two of my favorites with a fantastic chemistry - so hot! I really hope to see mutch more scenes with Fabien! But, please, not only as bottom - hope to see him also on top or in a hot FlipFlop-Scene.

J****** - 03/03/2020 11:06:15 PM

Deux magnifiques beautés, Jason est un excellent baiseur pour le plus grand plaisir du jeune sexy Fabien.

m***** - 03/03/2020 8:43:16 PM

The beautie and the cutie, Fabien and Jason are extremely beautiful, hot and sexy.

d****** - 03/03/2020 7:35:23 PM

Fabien is so cute & sexy! This scene is HOT!

b***** - 03/03/2020 12:43:32 PM

Jason and Fabien make a handsome pairing in this very satisfying episode.

p***** - 03/03/2020 12:09:12 PM

Fabien & Jason are two of my favorite models, so I could not help but love this scene. There was so much emphasis on t[the thrusting (a Luke trade mark) that Fabien's hole must have been sore for a week after filming this. I'm. looking forward to seeing Fabien with Andre, who may be more romantic and less athletic than Jason.

o****** - 03/03/2020 9:57:18 AM

WOW!!! Another scorching scene! I think I've never see Jason so horny! What such a boner! Fabien, so willing, greedy, bursts the screen!!! This pairing is absolutely delicious!!!

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