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Jarrod Lanvin & Nils Tatum

Here is a Nils Tatum scene with Jarrod Lanvin being the lucky recipient of his ardour. Both boys share blond good-looks and a ravenous sexual appetite making them a very compatible couple. Most of you are now Nils fans so, as usual, we are anxious to hear what you have to say about this scene.

Jarrod Lanvin
Nils Tatum
g********** - 01/29/2021 11:23:24 AM

Was für ein hübsches Paar! Ein wirklich geiler und ästhetischer Fick. Nils ist einfach hammergeil.

D********** - 01/27/2020 9:19:52 AM

Two gods. Barely gets any better

S******** - 01/08/2019 4:47:48 PM

Both boys were great. Love the body hair on Jarrod. Needed break from shavers. Hot hot bodies. More please.

h********* - 10/22/2018 11:13:43 PM

Scene is pretty hot even though I don’t care much for jarrod. Nils is the bomb. Two wasted cumshots.

g******* - 11/24/2017 5:32:35 AM

Brilliant! Loving, vigorous and extremely sexy. Jarrod's orgasm was amazing. Nils is handsome, beautifully built and with a lovely curved cock which he knows how to use. Jarrod seduces with his blue eyes and has great body hair.

J****** - 11/18/2017 7:31:03 PM

Jarrod est délicat et talentueux, corps longiligne superbe, magnifique, excellent fond et quel tir exceptionnel de sperme, plus je le voit et le trouve adorable. Nils est irrésistiblement beau mignon.Une très belle vidéo cinq étoiles et plus à Jarrod et à Nils.

b****** - 11/18/2017 3:10:52 PM

Totally agree- Nils is a keeper, not a fan of Jarrod.

a********* - 11/16/2017 6:25:47 PM

Nils is beautiful, gorgeous, superb. He has a body to die for. Really a superstar. More of him please. Jarrod is ok. Thanks for this great scene.

o****** - 11/15/2017 7:44:26 PM

Nice blond passionate pair making love! But Jarrod is the most eager! A great bottom! Stunning when he is fucking hard himself on Nils' cock... His cum shot all over his chest and belly is fantastic. His furry body hair and peculiarly his crack is so appealing... A pity though the new haircut, but it's just a detail.

A********** - 11/15/2017 12:38:03 AM

2 wonderful young men fucking, making love with a lot of passion.... extremely nice job !!!! Cumshot from Jarrod was awesome, fantastic, Nils was a perfect top.... CONGRATULAITONS AGAIN !!!!

P****** - 11/14/2017 10:27:28 PM

Love Nils. Wait, was there someone else in this scene?

S********* - 11/14/2017 8:07:04 PM

What a pitty of this great Jarrod cum shot. Not well filmed, too close the camera.

b***** - 11/14/2017 7:28:42 PM

Definitely a 5 star scene. Nils has an impressive body, Jarrod is a looker too, good chemistry between the guys, pleasant and playful intro, nice sex part. So, no complaints from me.

J******** - 11/14/2017 7:28:38 PM

Impressive load of Jarrod right up to his left shoulder and cum-covered belly - and also the red cheeky cockhead of Nils lavishing in his own deluge of cum, just brilliant.

g********* - 11/14/2017 6:10:21 PM

I agree with Sidemoon. This is as beautiful an act of love making as one could ever wish ti see. Jarrod and Nils are star performers, while the latter has one of the best bodies at Bel Ami.

i****** - 11/14/2017 5:01:57 PM

Awesome and sexy. Nils really is a superstar

t********** - 11/14/2017 3:46:18 PM

Hot, Sexy, More!

S******* - 11/14/2017 3:00:41 PM

I don't even know how to call this incredible scene, for calling it "porn" would be a mortal insult of the divine beauty of a true lovemaking, as natural, tender, passionate, innocent and sensual as a lovemaking can only be. It's impossible to believe that this scene was directed, rehearsed and performed, - so absolutely genuine looks every movement of Nils and Jarrod, - two priceless gems in BA treasure cave. Bravo to boys, to director and to cameramen, - you've created an immortal masterpiece, gentlemen! :))))))))))))

n***** - 11/14/2017 2:57:44 PM

Let's have a foursome with Christian, Torsten, Nils and Jarrod.

L*********** - 11/14/2017 1:19:17 PM

Heading could be: "The blond ones keep what the black ones promise." This scene is more than only well done, for me a highlight XXL. Everything that turns on can be seen in it. A very erotic foreplay, the blow sequences are great but not too long, a very hot licking part and 3 different action positions. Nils has convinced also in his top role and for me Jarrod is next to Jean-Luc the best in the bottom part and his shot is sensational. Especially perfect is the camera work. 5 stars in red and + a bonus of 5 in big fat gold for Jarrod and Nils and their clip.

t****** - 11/14/2017 11:42:59 AM

I see the appeal of Nils, but he is overhyped at the moment. I think he needs to be refined more; I’m not talking about muscles or mass before anyone jumps down my throat. Also, I do not enjoy Jarrod. Not as bad as the Daan and Nate scene, but that is a very low bar, and is not a compliment from me. I enjoyed the Enrique & Serge trailers more than the content of this issue.

c********** - 11/14/2017 10:36:53 AM

Superb on every level....gorgeous boys...excellent videography...sensual passion...and voluminous gobs of goo...this is why I subscribe to BA ...the best there is....Jarrod and Nils are made for each other's ardot....and of course with all the other boys as well....more please...thanks GD and team

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