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Jarrod Lanvin & Liam Efron

This week introduces our Home Video Special. As you will be seeing more of these, I feel it’s useful to define “Home Videos”. In our case, it is usually model-generated content shot in real-time over the course of 20 to 60 minutes. Our thoughts our that what they lack in polish they will make up for in spontaneity and freshness. Plus, they act as a nice training ground for new cameramen. The first of these is shot by Kevin. Fortunately for him, Jarrod and Liam prove the ideal subjects for his experiment.

Liam Efron
Jarrod Lanvin
D******* - 09/17/2018 2:14:54 AM

Absolutely lovely. These guys really complement each other. Hot and beautiful. Thank you.

l******* - 03/26/2018 8:38:21 AM

This is so special!!! These guys literally light each other up & their chemistry is electric. You can see it in their eyes & it is such a turn on. I love watching their gazes drill into each other. Plus so much eye candy between the two of them with Jarrods' face & Liams', well Liam! haha. No we can narrow it down to that fine smooth ass for this video. Such a fine pair for entertaining playtime.

g******* - 01/04/2018 1:31:48 AM

Playful. cheery and sexy.

v******** - 01/03/2018 12:04:27 AM

Always the most overall beutiful young men in the BelAmi family. But I've always thought most of them could be beter groomed where it counts the most. So I absolutly LOVE Liam's freshly groomed smooth balls! Yum!

g********* - 12/30/2017 2:29:41 PM

It takes two to tango! If Jarrod was just a waste of space, this scene would lack the personal chemistry and sexual heat that make it a joy to watch. Both young men are very personable, and are fine tops, but great bottoms, who show once again how much they love to be fucked. Liam may have the more outgoing personality, but Jarrod matches him perfectly. They are both clearly having a lot of fun together.

t*********** - 12/27/2017 12:46:08 AM

well done, boys!

J****** - 12/26/2017 10:31:50 PM

Passionnément à la folie ces deux délicieux garçons mon fait tourner la tête. Très belle scène de ces deux bons petits diables capturer par la camera de Kevin. Merci pour ces gracieux instants passé en leurs compagnies.

L*********** - 12/26/2017 2:13:42 PM

That´s a perfect pairing just for a flip-flop. Jarrod has shown he is great in top, too but I like him in bottom much more, he´s so sexy in this role. All in all a fantastic scene well done by Jarrod, Liam and, of course, Kevin.

t****** - 12/26/2017 1:46:22 PM

The lascivious and vivid Liam was great. The only decent thing about Jarrod here is that he didn’t get in the way of the much better Liam too much.

p***** - 12/26/2017 1:45:35 PM

OMG what a smorgasbord of delights this video is. Brilliantly filmed by Kevin. Liam with his tight little body makes me crazy with lust. He kisses like an angel and fucks like a devil. Jarrod is a perfect partner.

o****** - 12/26/2017 10:41:48 AM

Two playful and naughty boys flip flop greedily! Love Jarrod's blond dark body hair but why Liam shaved so awefully his pubes? 5* for the fun!

J******* - 12/26/2017 9:17:28 AM

Jarrod is always super-special!

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