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Jarrod & Jens

Our Oral scene today comes from our BootCamp series. Since we had no place to fit it in that series, we decided to find another home for it. Jarrod and Jens are amid Jerome’s guided tour when they grow tired of the group’s silliness and decide to head off on their own for some fun. There were not many opportunities to have privacy on this trip, so we are happy to see these 2 show some initiative while providing us with this excellent little blow job.

Jarrod Lanvin
Jens Christensen
M******* - 05/04/2023 9:12:49 PM

excellent cum eating on behalf of both models. I love this video. Both guys are stunning.

m****** - 04/12/2022 7:45:39 AM

Jens is not attractive, and another scene where the recipient (beautiful Jarrod) almost completely misses the cumshot because of poor direction. BA used to know to let the boys where to be for the shots, I guess now its amateur hour? Anyway Jarrod is beautiful as always and the scene is another big let down. Now I know why I waited so long to subscribe, these older updates are poorly done.

M****** - 12/04/2020 12:23:30 AM

What elevates this above a standard "oral only" scene are: Jens rimming Jarrod so lovingly, and Jarrod's sweet smile and charm. A scene like this isn't going to get me off, but it's delightful and a change of pace.

C********* - 09/25/2020 12:28:50 PM

Twp absolutely gorgeous blonde boys passionately sucking and rimming and then cumming in each other's mouths and swapping a cum kiss was primo BelAmi. Love it. More cum kissing and cum swapping. Thanks BA.

m******* - 05/24/2020 8:27:05 PM

Great video, love Jens Christensen this guy is hot as hell, love his atletic body and huge soon as he undress I was surprised to see his huge cock and hanging balls.... Love Jarrod Lanvin to see sucking that huge cock of Jens.....This video was HOTTTTT !!!

R***** - 04/16/2020 8:28:46 PM

A lovely creamy kiss at the end.

R********* - 03/10/2020 11:20:03 AM

Indeed this this was a very sexy oral scene.Time to time it is good to have variety .

S****** - 03/08/2020 10:48:04 PM

This was an excellent scene. The tabletop 69 was hot with some good camera angles. The 69 part should have lasted longer. Jens' cock is really quite gorgeous. Loved how Jarrod swallowed some of Jens' cum. And, Jarrod, please shave your balls!

V************ - 03/07/2020 3:32:00 PM

For an oral scene it is ok.

R************ - 03/06/2020 2:11:38 PM

Splendide le sborrate in bocca. Mi sono eccitato e fatta la terza sega della giornata.

w****** - 03/04/2020 10:01:58 PM

Having watched Jens devouring every one of Joel's magnificent ten inches it is clear that Jarod's cock isn't much of a challenge for him. I would much rather have watched him giving Jarod's ass a bloody good pounding.

b***** - 03/04/2020 10:08:44 AM

I like oral scenes, this one not so much though.

x****** - 03/03/2020 6:22:31 PM

Is there a guy alive who doesn't love 69? The two J's sure like it!

o****** - 03/03/2020 10:14:20 AM

Nice oral scene! Hot 69! A pity its just oral! Jens is peculiarly handsome here! Strange opening!

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