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Jamie Eliot & Bruce Harrelson

This is only Bruce Harrelson's second hardcore video but his bottoming skills exceed our expectations. His partner is „sex machine“ Jamie Eliot who just can’t keep his hands off a handsome fellow like Bruce. When the boys remove their unnecessary clothing, there is nothing that can hold them back from some lusty fucking. Jamie is determined to show Bruce the full power of his massive cock and gives everything to please his new friend.

Jamie Eliot
Bruce Harrelson
m******* - 06/15/2023 9:33:52 AM

OMG this video was hot with newcomer Bruce Harrelson. He has such a hot male body. His perky nipples and curved uncut banana dick are amazing. Enjoy to see how Jamie sucked his cock and fucked Bruce very hard to bareback. Please more on this hot dude Bruce Harrelson, he is such a hot bottom who love man to man encounters and taking big cock too. Great video.

f******** - 10/28/2022 10:13:53 PM

Two good looking guys who enjoy sex, one smooth and one hairy. Good. But the photography was better than usual; there were transitions. Instead of a close-up of penetration in one position morphing without notice into penetration in another position, there were actual transitions. Jamie moved Bruce. It was very satisfying; this is usually lacking in BA scenes. Only the last change to missionary took place without transition. There was also a good mixture of close-ups and medium and distance shots, also usually missing. (See movie of Kian and Daley for contrast.) All prolonged scenes of fucking from one camera position or long long time close-ups are boring. One suggestion: when Jamie is fucking Bruce doggy style, the camera comes in for a close-up of the penetration. That is fine, but the camera should then pull back a little and rise slightly and give us a good view of Jamie's beautiful smooth ass and his lovely hole. It is as enjoyable to watch as his cock going into Bruce's ass. The same should have been done with Kieran and Daley. When Kieran is rimming Daley, the camera does briefly show Kieran's smooth round ass, which is absolutely gorgeous. But the camera could linger longer or come back; the scenes of fucking are far too prolonged in shooting. I agree that Kieran has improved enormously in appearance and confidence; but show us his magnificent smooth round ass and hole now. Let us enjoy his hard work. But enjoyable scene. Thanks.

S****** - 10/03/2022 9:20:18 AM

Bruce is good-looking, but how unfortunate that his dick is not very attractive.... Tell him that there is a surgery that can easily and quickly repair that terrible bend so that his dick will be straight.

s******* - 09/13/2022 5:14:38 PM

great scene featuring tow delicious guys

g******* - 09/09/2022 6:06:45 AM

Hot sex. Jamie is so handsome and Bruce has a wonder-body!

n***** - 09/06/2022 6:57:14 PM

At the end, Jamie to Bruce, "Did you like it?" Bruce, "No! Jamie, why didn't you to BREED ME like I wanted you to." And that my friends is what the ending should have been!

b********* - 09/06/2022 5:19:53 PM

Bruce, thanks for not shaving your beautiful body hair! : )

a***** - 09/06/2022 11:00:57 AM

Bruce is on the roll, awesome! Please don't let him disappear for too long, sometimes coming back isn't hot. Glad to know Bruce's bottoming skill is amazing. I hope he learns to enjoy it and embrace it too, I think of Viggo right away somehow.

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