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Jamie Durrell & Eluan Jeunet

After seeing Eluan’s taut body and tight ass, Jamie was doubtful of Eluan’s presence as a translator. Fortunately, they are both Slovak, so Jamie has no use for Eluan’s Multilingual abilities. However, the previously mentioned taut body and tight ass our two bonus features that Jamie is anxious to take advantage of. Jamie’s greater experience determines his topping today. Judging by the prodigious amount of cum Jamie fucks out of Eluan, this suits him fine.

Jamie Durrell
Eluan Jeunet
D************* - 12/25/2019 5:20:06 AM

Jamie Durrell is a natural love maker! I especially loved the expressions on Jamie's face all throughout the sex scene. Those eyes. Wow! And Eluan's penis is amazing. And of corse Jamie's penis is amazing as well. The photographer did a great job on the lighting and the background setting. So well done! Five stars!

S****** - 04/23/2019 5:25:09 AM

Jamie is absolutely wonderful. Gorgeous and sexy. One of my all-time favourites on the site!

V************ - 04/15/2019 4:05:24 PM

Two beautiful young men. Enjoyed the slow sensual nature of this scene. Both have great cocks, are very attractive young men.

w****** - 04/12/2019 8:57:24 PM

Bullseye Jamie! One of the few to hit the target with your cumshot. Well done!

s************* - 04/10/2019 9:08:23 AM

Great job boys!!! Beautiful scene & Jamie has never been better....he's smoking hot!!!!!!

J******** - 04/09/2019 6:20:56 PM

Hurray, what a fuck feast with 2 wonderful foreskins - it gives me shivers of joy when they retract it and release that cheeky pleasure-hungry cockhead. And I envy Jamie on picture 3 for that mouthfilling, mouthwatering lovely glans.

J****** - 04/09/2019 3:52:47 PM

Exquis garçons Jamie et Eluan. Un bon anniversaire Eluan je t'embrasse.

R********* - 04/09/2019 3:43:21 PM

Eluan last words ::it was awesome,indeed it was.The sensuality splahs from my sceen.What a wonderful,sexy pair of jung lovers. More of this please.This scene shows that BA/FM are very good sites

p***** - 04/09/2019 12:52:35 PM

I loved the slow, sensuous blow jobs. Eluan is a marvelous newbie.

l******* - 04/09/2019 12:44:15 PM

Eluan is such a beautiful guy, a real stunner! Jamie is so lucky, I envy him. At the same time, I'm glad for Jamie doing so well. Good for him!

b******** - 04/09/2019 11:27:22 AM

Boy, Eluan Junet is really something! Looks, body, sexy aura, good cum shot. And Jamie was a good top and also a great cum shot. Nice having his interview together with a scene. BA should do this more often. And I hope the Eluan sticks around for 5 years too!

o****** - 04/09/2019 10:01:37 AM

Jamie, Eluan… a delightful and hot encounter! Great chemistry, tenderness, sensuality, enjoyment! Jamie's looks at Eluan are stunning! Eluan is a gorgeous partner for him! His flying far away cumshot while fucked is great! Jamie's superb shoot too with hot re-entry! Nice smiles and kisses at the end!

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