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James Walsh

This interview and solo with James Walsh is a collaborative effort: Luke, Adam and Joel all contribute to filming; naked Eluan provides the translations; Matthew asks the questions. Perhaps this abundance of collaborators explains the wealth of material. There was so much that our editors could only cut it down to 22 minutes. Is all this time worth it? Ultimately, you’ll have to decide that. We believe the sight of James’ obvious enjoyment as he plays with his ass and jerks off will convince you that this is one good thing that is worth waiting for.

James Walsh
s******** - 12/22/2020 5:47:35 AM

I do not see why people think Eluan is attractive. He's subpar.

M******** - 01/03/2020 11:36:21 PM

Naked Eluan is the most sexy interpreter I have ever seen! How is it possible to look at him without getting hard?

w****** - 06/16/2019 11:44:27 PM

I am not sure that this format with Eluan as interpreter really helps. The interviewee says about six words and Eluan turns it into a long speech. Anyway, I love James and find him captivating.

V************ - 06/15/2019 9:28:22 PM

Jams definitely is cute, has a nice smile, beautiful blue eyes and a sweet personality. He is a bit thin and could use some upper body work. For me the interview was a bit long, but Eluan did a nice job. He is very natural at talking with James and interpreting. James seemed to really enjoy playing with himself, but his one shot cum blast was such a disappointment that it was anti climatic.. I certainly hope that it was an anomaly and that there are better things to come.

a****** - 06/11/2019 6:34:12 AM

James is good-looking and I like him very much. But I have to admit I was drawn more to Eluanā€™s beautiful cock and his thick, lush pubes.

C******** - 06/04/2019 10:57:38 PM

This was a really good interview. I believe a naked Eluan, and the kiss at the end really upped the experience (both naked was the only right choice I think). The questions were good and flowed logically. Both Eluan and James were relaxed (that always helps šŸ˜‰). And I was admiring Eluan as much as the actual subject of the interview, sweet but naughty James. In the solo, the fingering really made it better. He was obviously pleasuring himself.

b***** - 06/04/2019 9:46:49 PM

Now this is how you conduct an interview! Asking relevant questions, showing a real interest in the person you interview and thus enabling that he opens up to you prove to be the key next to having some information on the interviewee beforehand. I think Matthew did an excellent job, as far as I am concerned he can become your regular interviewer, I think he will connect very well to other models also. Having Eluan as the naked interpreter is an added bonus. And then about James: such a sweet personality, handsome face, nice body, impressive yet cute dick. His solo showed how deeply sensual he is, a wonderful ending to this interesting, endearing and sweet episode.

m***** - 06/04/2019 8:30:22 PM

Is James named after Brandon Walsh (performed by super sexy and lookalike Jason Priestley) from the former teenage series? I think it was called "Beverly Hills 90210",

p***** - 06/04/2019 8:11:17 PM

This interview/solo was definitely one good thing worth waiting for. I'll confess I'm crazy about James. He find him wonderfully expressive, sexual and passionate. I love his natural, sunny personality and the way he kisses and uses his hands to caress his partners in his scenes. The 3 episodes that we've enjoyed since he first appeared on BA in April 2018 have all been excellent. Here's hoping against hope that someday he will realize Confettiboyz will never match the extraordinary quality and following GD has created with BA & FM and he will return full time to the BA family.

T********** - 06/04/2019 5:44:59 PM

Eluan has a really nice cock!

x****** - 06/04/2019 5:17:43 PM

Too bad Eluan didn't stay around to fuck James, who wanted that cock in his ass.

P****** - 06/04/2019 3:16:31 PM

James is pleasingly handsome but the body just doesn't cut it. But nice to see a naked Eluan as well, two for the price of one.

J******** - 06/04/2019 2:30:21 PM

Pic 11: fingering the pussy, some semen erguss and nicely proportioned glans on top of a thick shaft- I love it!

c********* - 06/04/2019 2:00:08 PM

I really liked the long chat and think lovely Eluan was perfect. It was a nice prelude to James' delightful fingering of himself. An unusual and satisfying combination which helped us get to know both models a bit.

N******** - 06/04/2019 11:58:53 AM

James has come to the wrong place if he likes to get his hole played with! The BA censors are very unlikely to allow him to get fingered.

o****** - 06/04/2019 10:06:48 AM

I like Eluan but he is too talkative hereā€¦ We hear James just a littleā€¦ His solo happily is very sensual in spite of a poor cumshot! Love the light fingering! James with his wonderful blue eyes is very seducer!

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