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Jake Gheisar & Jim Durden

Our fourth Freshmen this week, Jake Gheisar, had his initial outing with Jeff Mirren and now he is back with the indomitable Jim Durden. Jim’s irrepressible enthusiasm for sex brings out the best in our newbies and Jake is no exception. Jake is open about his reasons for getting into porn: he likes to spend money, preferable other people’s money. If he must, he’ll earn it for himself, and porn seems like a relatively enjoyable way to do so. For his part, Jim does his best to provide that enjoyment, fucking his protégé gently at first until he works out that Jake would like a serious pounding. He picks up the pace until Jake is literally begging for more.

Jim Durden
Jake Gheisar
V******** - 01/01/2023 3:12:55 AM

For someone so new to filming, I found Jake's performance extremely good. He didn't really show any of the nerve most show so early in their careers. Very attractive man, also. Love the hair and tight body. Of course, I kind of like men on the thin side. I truly hope Jake finds his way back to Freshmen/Bel Ami. Jim, naturally did his usual great job. Jake could truly develop into a great performer.

T************** - 07/15/2022 7:26:15 PM

Jake is gorgeous!

p****** - 08/22/2021 8:30:17 AM

More JAKE! He's delicious.

m******* - 06/13/2021 7:57:45 PM

Jim, as always is a dynamo of sexual power. He needs great sex partners and this one is not even near that.

d******* - 11/14/2020 8:03:00 PM

Jake so cute and sexy with nice cock to suck and Jim great with lovely body and nice lips to kiss. They had nice long dicks to suck with sweet balls.

J********** - 11/14/2020 5:23:44 PM

Jim is so sexy! More of him, please!

R************ - 11/12/2020 4:45:29 PM

Coppia fantastica che sa come fare sesso e come si deve gustare la sborra!!

D******* - 11/11/2020 10:37:17 AM

Really hot hot scene. Gorgeous to have Adam and Kevin as cameramen. Would be horny, if we could see there boners while filming, they could join this scene by fucking Jake. Love cute Jake. His smile is ... and being fucked by Jim is a pläsierliche for him.. Love his cumshots. Not much but intense. Please create a gangbang scene with all the Youngsters : John, Jake, Hans maybe with Timothy or Jamie..... Would love that

V************ - 11/09/2020 8:46:38 PM

Jim is absolute phenomenal! In my opinion perhaps the best performer in the Belami cast of models. Jake does a great job here as well. He is normally far too skinny to me but makes up for that by his wonderful performance. But the scene was very negatively impacted by the inclusion of Adam and Jack. I don't want to see the cameras or the cameramen in the scene with rare exception. That makes two out of the three films in this issue very significantly negatively impacted by the inclusion of cameras and cameramen in the film, and the first scene of fast and furious sex was not all that great either. Please stop this madness and give us back the quality sex scenes that Belami is famous for..

n******* - 11/08/2020 3:03:27 PM

Jim is an awesome, fantastic, sexy performer, one of my favorites here. Unfortunately, I found this scene mediocre at best: Jake is an ordinary very skinny twink, more a Staxus boy than a top-notch model like we normally see on Freshmen. Jim’s usual great rimming saves the day a bit, the rest is mechanical and boring. And yes, Kevin and Adam are unnecessary and their presence is distracting and obnoxious. A reluctant one star for this clip. Jim deserves better. Sorry.

S****** - 11/08/2020 9:21:57 AM

Yes to Jim as always, but NO to the other guy...

a***** - 11/07/2020 10:55:24 AM

Its great to see Jake on here hope to see more

t********* - 11/06/2020 9:40:45 AM

Jim is good. The other dude is definitely not. This week and next's models are quite frankly horrible. I guess GD is off the scene because I know he would not let the quality drop this badly. I have been with BA since the early 2000s under various usernames but, if this is where Freshmen is going, I'll pull my membership. Really bad. These guys complaining about Kevin or Adam or Jerome should be whining about these dudes. Adam, Kevin or Jerome are at least still hot. How about getting Paul Morisette to bottom on Freshmen? Please!

l******* - 11/06/2020 3:14:48 AM

Cute, sexy boys! And the ass-eating was off the charts!

J******* - 11/05/2020 12:23:41 AM

I am a very great fan of Adam and Kevin PROVIDED they are naked and having sex. Their main role should be sexual performer and being cameraman should be incidental. If they feel such an overwhelming need to be filmed while acting as a cameraman, then they need to be filmed shooting "home videos". If they are both being filmed as cameraman, the scene has to be a three-way. Any interviewing should be "pillow talk" with both performers naked and cuddling either before or after the sex. I can do without Jerome being filmed in any role since he outgrew playing the over-eager puppy several years ago.

s******** - 11/04/2020 4:04:39 PM

If Kevin or Adam or any cameramen wants to be seen in any scenes they should be naked too so viewers and the boys could feel the enjoyment naturally .

J****** - 11/04/2020 11:36:33 AM

Adam et Kevin sont une distraction devant la scène c'est un peu perturbant. Jim est super excitant, Jake ou Ron selon... est agréable et tout à fait bien aussi. Avec Jeff Mirren également il y a quelque temps déjà.

W****** - 11/04/2020 11:08:12 AM

I hope Jake - aka Ron Negba - remains at Staxus where I think he's more suited. I have no wish to see more of him at bel ami / freshmen.

m********* - 11/04/2020 3:00:42 AM

Way too much focus on cameras which really distracts from scene. Ok in interviews but otherwise stop it’s feels odd

x****** - 11/03/2020 11:35:41 PM

Much as I like Kevin and Adam, dammit, keep them and their cameras out of the scenes of other guys!

b****** - 11/03/2020 10:17:07 PM

Agree camera people should not be part of a scene. This is solely about sex aside from a limpid kiss near the end it lacked passion and no sucking, pity as a result I rated it a three . I hope Jake's next partner introduce him to those things lacking here.

b******* - 11/03/2020 10:10:53 PM

Jim and Jake are two very sexy boys and great performers, but it is absurd to interview Jake as though he is new to the porn business when many of us know that he is highly experienced. The interview reveals nothing about him anyway, and simply asks a number of stupid questions. It is clear from the negative comments below that members are sick to death of seeing Kevin and Adam obtruding into scenes where they are a total irrelevance. I appreciate that BA may have a number of such videos which they cannot afford to scrap, particularly with the difficulty of providing new material during the pandemic, but.can George please give us an assurance that we will not have to put up with the infantile behaviour of Kevin, Adam and Jerome indefinitely? I like all three of them as performers, but they have become a constant irritation in their current roles...

w****** - 11/03/2020 10:04:06 PM

Watching Jake perform with Jim I could not decide whether he was a genuine horny sex slut or an incredible actor until he carefully avoided getting any of Jim's cum in his mouth, ergo the actor. Since he looks like he couldn't handle anything heavier than a brieze block it is clear why he didn't fancy being a mason. He has a long way to go before he can match the consummate performance of Jim here but he is obviously not inexperienced.

b******** - 11/03/2020 9:26:13 PM

I agree with Pianist. Very distracting camera work. I love both Adam and Kevin but what were they doing getting in the way.

m***** - 11/03/2020 9:11:27 PM

Jim has it all: fantastic gymnast body, cute butt, sexy legs, great cock, beautiful face, ... And he performs like no other, just enjoying sex with young men. He is perfect!!!

R******** - 11/03/2020 7:47:58 PM

Please! Less Kevin and just a nicely filmed scene. That would be enough.

P****** - 11/03/2020 6:29:02 PM

Jim deserves better. And has anybody once ever expressed a desire to see Adam and Kevin hogging the scene with their cameras? All those in favor of seeing Kevin and Adam with their cameras? (no hands) All opposed? (all hands up in an instant) Will BA listen? (doubt it)

D****** - 11/03/2020 5:27:21 PM

Jake is 100% BEAUTIFUL to me. I do hope we can see more of him! I do agree about the constant appearance of annoying Adam and super annoying Kevin, but I was largely able to overlook them because the rest of the screen was so beautiful.

a******** - 11/03/2020 2:42:20 PM

Two Sexy guys, Fantastic scene.

h********** - 11/03/2020 1:42:08 PM

When the cameramen appear in a scene it would be great if they took their pants off ;:=)

g********** - 11/03/2020 11:47:15 AM

Jake is small, skinny and thoroughly unattractive.

r*********** - 11/03/2020 10:26:56 AM

Jim Durden is a worthy successor to the great Jim name.

s******** - 11/03/2020 10:25:33 AM

INFUCKTIOUS SINSEXTIONAL KUMJAGOOLU!!!! Jim sinvented the WAY of the True Fuck and Jake provided the drug of an ASS THAT DEMANDS A HEART THROBBING PRINCE with a PROUD PREENING PRICK to POUND his PRIME POSTERIOR.....great scene.

H***** - 11/03/2020 9:48:52 AM

What a waste are Adam and Kevin, they seem more important than the couple they are supposed to film! Freshmen and BA should concentrate on hot filming and using good light with it. Both guys are hot but hélas, the scene itself deserves the utmost 3*

o****** - 11/03/2020 9:36:10 AM

More than 5* for powerful Jim and delicious greedy tiny Jake but omnipresent Kevin and Adam with their camera are so boring and disturbing! So only 3*

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