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Jack, Kevin, Orri & Justin

Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer hatch a plan for a competition with an unspecified award. The winners are Orri Aasen and Justin Saradon who beat Helmut Huxley and Christian Lundgren. Kevin and Jack's intentions soon become clear after the other two leave. Orri and Justin start to make out and before long all four of them are naked with hard cocks. This video edit is a little longer than usual as the first part includes Kevin’s and Jack’s secret fetish desires. When our foursome start fucking, Jack and Kevin share Justin and Orri‘s holes until they all cum at the end. We hope you will enjoy this „role-play“ video, especially Jack’s giant load into Justin’s mouth.

Jack Harrer
Justin Saradon
Orri Aasen
Kevin Warhol
g****************** - 02/11/2024 2:54:28 PM

Finally, Jack was so horny to have an uncut ass to mouth scene on a Belami Video. Please have more like that in the future. It underlines the horniness of your models.

M****** - 01/07/2024 11:57:35 PM

A little chaotic but this scene has several exciting moments. I enjoy watching both Kevin and Jack top in the missionary position, and I get plenty of that here. Some more rimming would've been nice, but I'm pleased that you skipped rimming instead of having them fake it.

C******* - 08/10/2023 3:01:14 AM

Great scene and totally agree with fellow foot lovers: more foot-job/worship scenes please.

S****** - 07/10/2023 8:42:29 AM

A superb sex spree. Jack's signature cumshot at the end into Justin's cock filled open mouth is SPECTACULAR. Have not seen anything like that before. Jack's and Orri's cocks together like that in Justin's cum drenched mouth is wild.

A******** - 07/08/2023 1:38:22 PM

It is a absolutely great scene! I enjoyed every second. My special thank goes to the very sexy bottoms Justin and Orri. And the ATM of Justin is very hot!! More of such scenes please, this is the way belami should go in the future (more groups and more nasty scenes).

S******* - 07/08/2023 1:17:08 AM

This scene did not disappoint!!! Love anything with Jacku & Kevin ❤️❤️ hope there is much more in the archives from my most favourite boys! 😍

c********* - 07/06/2023 7:23:15 PM

Lovely, nicely-paced scene with some hot and delicious action, especially from Kevin and Jack. Once again I get the feeling that Jack would like to do much more with Kevin than the director allows.

a******** - 07/05/2023 10:14:56 AM

Four excellent performers in a great extended scene. Loved the foot worship. What’s best was Orri being the bottom lying on the floor up against the couch starting at 28 : 34. What a great position!

h********* - 07/05/2023 5:04:38 AM

Love to see foot worship specially with Kevin and Justin.

g******* - 07/05/2023 1:50:20 AM

Nice scene but are the Freshmen still on strike?

w****** - 07/04/2023 10:05:19 PM

I will never tire of watching these four perform and it is a delight to see Orri again but it is a long time since any of them could be described as "freshmen". Even the camera is an old model. Today's other scene is equally dated. Why bother calling the site "Freshmen"?

t******* - 07/04/2023 7:10:24 PM

One of the best 4-ways ever! I particularly loved watching Justin give Jack a foot-job. Please make more videos like this one!

P****** - 07/04/2023 2:15:40 PM

Maybe if you could leave out Kevin, Jack, and the camera, you'd have a nice scene.

B********* - 07/04/2023 10:51:41 AM

Kevin and Jack are an amazing duo. I love increasing the length of the video too, always fun. Orri is one of my most delicious loves, really a fan. This was fun, 5 stars.

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