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Jack Harrer with Kieran Benning & Tom Rogers

It’s “Fresh and Kinky” time again and we’re starting with a three-way featuring Kinky Jack Harrer, and Freshmen cuties Tom Rogers and Kieran Benning. We begin with an aberration- one of our boys cleaning house. The reason for Kieran’s sudden burst of good housekeeping is misguided. He’s trying to impress Jack- the king of unkemptness. Tom arrives early for the planned sexy three-way and interrupts Kieran as he is frantically cleaning trying to make the apartment presentable. Perhaps it’s the exertion that makes Kieran horny, more likely it’s Tom’s perfect ass, but Kieran soon gives up tidying and starts on Tom early. Fortunately, Jack is not too late, and we soon have the promised libidinous three-some. As you’d expect, Tom’s extra-large bubble butt is the eager recipient of the two extra large cocks. Between the two, they manage to satisfy Tom- barely. There is a lot of hot and hard fucking, followed by some ample and explosive cumshots.

Jack Harrer
Kieran Benning
Tom Rogers
a******* - 02/15/2020 9:54:55 PM

shaved arse is worst

M*********** - 10/02/2019 11:48:48 PM

This is one of the best! Rogers is the best bottom ever. Please more of Rogers!!!

g******* - 10/02/2019 6:19:01 AM

Great score for goof reasons. Jack - swarthy, hung and full of cum. Beautiful Kieran filling Tom's mouth with his cum and Tom - he just loved it and felt to much at home. They boys revel in their beauty and nakedness.

m************ - 09/30/2019 12:25:05 AM

I only just now discovered Tom and he is everything a BA model should be - beautiful, amazing body, and filled with enthusiasm. Wow. Please keep him forever.

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:27:20 AM

Bellissima scena di sesso. I tre ragazzi sono fantastici ed eccitante la bevuta di sborra, un vero invito ad una sega.

V************ - 09/03/2019 6:57:22 PM

An ok scene. Not great, but ok. Three ways are not generally my cup of tea though.

a****** - 09/03/2019 6:23:15 AM

I agree with BigBadBill. Bring back Jack’s first interview from 2010. He is so seductive with the interviewer when he is wearing thin underwear hiding his huge hard cock. He teases, “Want to see it?” and then “Like it?” Even then he is the master in control. This should be on this website so people can see his growth as one of Belami’s best stars!!!

B********* - 09/01/2019 8:32:21 AM

So why is marksman allowed 1,483 characters & spaces 4 his Jack eulogy, while the rest of us R limited 1,000? And mine’s the 1 most likely to get pruned. For 1 of my most treasured clips is Jack’s (now deleted) 1st BA interview in 2009 at age 19. With his unruly hair & cocky smile. Huge hard shaft & cock-hungry hole. A Greek god cum again. Dionysos Phallos! In his “National Pornographic” t-shirt. On a vision quest 4 “The City of Sex.” Where he’ll do “FORBIDDEN THINGS!” He then puts on fake dreads to show the real reggae dreads he’ll grow 4 his (in-joke) “Jack Harrer” role. And with that he whips out a big black dildo &… No! Jump to Jack’s greatest deleted scene: Kinky Angels 31. Where Jack cums the most by volume of all male humans recorded. What? Too gross? Claude Sorel’s saucer-sized hole even worse? This 3-way from Jack’s last yr. (filmed 2018?) so much nicer? The cumshots so modest. “Naughty” #2 rarely shown. Jack deserves to have these 2 deleted scenes restored.

C************** - 08/27/2019 4:38:33 PM

Great scene. Kieran for me. What a sexy young man.

B******* - 08/27/2019 1:37:49 AM

What's not to like? Three gorgeous sexy guys having hot fun! Horny boys definitely. The references to jack being old are so unfair. He's not even 30 yet and looks incredible and hotter than many younger boys. I know that many porn actors quit early but in Jack's case I hope he carries on a little longer as he has the experience, the stamina and fucks or bottom beautifully. besides his big cock, I love his wicked smile too. Great 3some!

b********* - 08/24/2019 9:10:21 PM

Jack and Andre are 2 Kinky Angels who are aging beautifully. Long after most porn stars have moved on from their careers, they remain as host as ever!

w****** - 08/22/2019 1:27:07 PM

A magnificent threesome! Well done to all!

m******** - 08/22/2019 3:37:57 AM

Rogers the winner ! Old Jack is sexy !

m******* - 08/21/2019 4:29:08 PM

Jack! I don't know of another star who has gone through as many transitions as Jack and all through those transitions he has always been a stellar performer. We have come to this Jack in this particular scene and I thought he looked amazing and his performing skills are still at the top of the mountain. I never tire of him and that smile, whether openly inviting or sly as a fox. When they put him together with Tom Rogers the first time I was not sure Tom would ever be able to handle Jack but he did and he did it with convincing style. Now Tom is faced with Kieran and Jack, both with incredible endowments. And once again Tom is supreme and particularly when Jack is fucking him. You get fucked by Jack and I think you'd remember it to your dying day. Tom has been there twice and ranks up there with the finest bottoms ever. While there is some fun play between Jack and Kieran "I got him ready for you' Kieran says and indeed he has. I loved this scene with all my hard, my heart as well. Three magnificent specimens going at it and taking me along every step of the way. Jack looked as fine as I have ever seen him and if he is gone I am sad about that. But he has a huge body of work that is impeccable and here to enjoy. I don't, didn't want him to ever go because he always comes forward with his remarkable ability to arouse and please and leave you breathless. In his life outside these portals I can only wish and hope and dream that he is as happy as a person can be.

j******* - 08/21/2019 1:48:55 AM

Nice to see less hair around the butt hole so the tongue rimming is nice and clear .Keep hair free guys x

b***** - 08/20/2019 9:51:50 PM

I am not sure what I have been looking at here. I love Kieran very much but this is not my type of sex, not my type of scene. As for the camera work: the viewer is supposed to get dizzy from the sex not from the camera waving about like crazy. One star at best, sorry.

x****** - 08/20/2019 5:30:51 PM

I would never consider Jack "an Old Man." He's in the prime of his life, Still SEXY as ever, and continues to amaze with that beautiful cock, still loving to fuck and to get fucked. And here, Tom is the lucky recipient of that huge cock, plus the one on Kieran. Hot three-way!

c********* - 08/20/2019 12:51:05 PM

Jack is not only truly beautiful and as safinator says, hot as hell, his smile is stunning, his energy amazing and his humour really extraordinary. He's a God and here his worthy, sexy acolytes, especially gorgeous Tom, help him shine like the Sun. The final 50 seconds are amazing.

s********** - 08/20/2019 10:28:09 AM

I love the mature version of Jack. He looks hotter than ever. Even that beard looks so nice in him. Long life to King Jack!

o****** - 08/20/2019 10:00:21 AM

Scorching threeway! Wonderful trio! Happy Tom enjoying two beautiful big dicks! Great cumshots and cum eating! Hot Jack back! Nicely filmed

R******************* - 08/20/2019 9:55:37 AM

Even he's an old man now Jack's huge stinky shitdick never gets enough of pounding tight asses and shooting big loads ❤️

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