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Jack Harrer & Sven Basquiat

In his first-ever video Sven Basquiat was paired with the legendary Kevin Warhol. Exactly one year later, after gaining more experience, we have paired him with the one and only Jack Harrer. Surprisingly this is the only time they ever met. The two are perfectly matching as Sven loves to bottom and Jack loves to use his famous cock to please his partner. This special encounter is the ultimate proof of what an amazing lover Jack Harrer is and how Sven enjoys every inch of his partners' cocks. The bigger, the better!

Jack Harrer
Sven Basquiat
M****** - 01/04/2024 3:38:45 AM

Jack's rimming of Sven was quite good and I enjoyed the mingling of licking with tender kisses of the region. I would've enjoyed seeing more saliva involved as Sven was licked, to see that perfect pink hole glistening and wet, ready to receive Jack's monster cock. I love the missionary position and was thrilled to see you bookend the fucking here with both a missionary beginning and finale. Nice change of tone after Sven came and Jack licked him clean -- Jack repenetrates and fucks quite forcefully to achieve fhis own orgasm. Very exciting when Jack spread Sven's hole open with his fingers. BA is going much further these days with explicit asshole display and worship, something I'm very pleased to see, and without compromising in any way the artistic elements we've come to expect.

g******* - 05/05/2023 6:55:02 PM

Sven and Jack are my favorite models. Thanks for this scene.

d***** - 04/16/2023 10:51:59 PM

No chemistry between the two. No sense of person to person exchange. Very disappointing.

d****** - 04/13/2023 4:05:29 PM

Watching Sven getting fucked makes my day! Every time! Hot!!!

p***** - 04/13/2023 12:59:53 PM

This scene was at least 5 minutes too long. Old stone face Jack looked bored to death. Thank goodness for the irresistible Sven

c****** - 04/12/2023 5:19:32 PM

I don't think any of both of them are freshmen. Stop with these scams on this site, please.

c********** - 04/12/2023 3:57:16 PM

It was a very intense coupling, one of the hottest in recent times. However it was marred by the giddy camerawork. Too distracting.

b******* - 04/12/2023 7:54:46 AM

Ein toller Fick! Jack ist noch immer der beste Hengst im Stall.

b******** - 04/11/2023 5:07:17 PM

What happened with the photos that usually accompany the videos?

d******* - 04/11/2023 2:50:38 PM

Sven so sweet and loving.

C************ - 04/11/2023 1:55:55 PM

I'm a big fan of early Sven Basquiat. He was so cute and his lean, toned body was so awesome. And he just loved to be fucked hard, the bigger the cock the better. Jack Harrer is our all-time favorite, the horniest and hottest fucker BelAmi ever had. Watching Jack's huge cock work that cute little twink ass and Sven end up squirting himself full of lust was the porn highlight of the week for me.

c********* - 04/11/2023 12:19:25 PM

Really wonderful scene! Both Jack and Sven fill it with their sexy energy and heat...and Jack's exchanges with the director are all great teasing fun. The whole episode is a delight, with Jack's beauty and his unbeatable cock at its centre. And Sven is gorgeous and passionate too. Let's all celebrate this excellence, especially today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK...YOU'RE STILL THE HOTTEST AND BEST!!

t***** - 04/11/2023 10:20:43 AM

This deffo has to be the scene of the year. Both Sven and Jack could not get enough. This is also why our Kinky Angels have become the ultimate legends of Bel Ami.

r*********** - 04/11/2023 9:57:21 AM

Stunning - every centimetre - every cum splat

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