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Jack Harrer & Rick Palmer

Jack and Kevin will always be the perfect couple even if Jack isn’t always sure about it. He decides the best way to find out is by surprising Kevin in his room with a nice boner in his hand. But Kevin has gone out, leaving Rick Palmer in his room asleep on the couch. Although Jack had intended to make up with Kevin, he still needs to do something about the boner. Luckily, Rick is the perfect buddy on such occasions and can ride Jack’s huge dick with ease. The two boys' cum explosions prove how much they enjoy the encounter.

Jack Harrer
Rick Palmer
m******* - 07/11/2022 7:04:01 PM

Jack will always be the guy that shows everyone else how to do it and we all know he is good with legs in the air or straddling a guy and sinking that fat dick to the hilt. Always Jack.

d********* - 02/02/2022 8:28:12 AM

More cumming over chests ❤️❤️

m********* - 12/07/2021 7:45:12 AM

Looks like you could run a rope threw their earlobes. Very distracting. Jack is looking a little long in the tooth.

J********* - 10/15/2021 3:13:13 PM

Love this post - Rick always does it for me - he is ready, eager and hard. Nice chemistry. I good with this being a Freshmen post. Thank you!

c***** - 10/12/2021 3:17:04 PM

I think this should be a BA release because the two models have been around. I see Freshmen as more for an introduction to new and upcoming men. with that said I really enjoy Rick Palmer and all his scenes, always enjoy his contribution as a model.

S****** - 10/04/2021 6:45:12 AM

This is not something that is appropriate for Freshmen. This video, although hot, oozes a slightly sleazy, washed up, over-aged porn star hasbeen aura. Not exactly Freshmen material. Where are the freshmen here?

o************* - 09/28/2021 7:46:09 PM

Rick's mouth, Jack's cock, the perfect combination.

j********* - 09/24/2021 5:56:07 PM

Screw the teenagers. Jack is 31 and looks SOO good

w********* - 09/23/2021 2:22:48 AM

I am happy any time I see Jack's smile and his beautiful cock in action!

s******* - 09/22/2021 7:15:06 PM

Definitely not my cup if tea. I'll wait for the next week! ;)

a****** - 09/22/2021 7:31:23 AM

Nice scene, but not what I expect as 'fresh' from This is a BA scene, for sure, where I also subscribe, and would expect to see it. Give your subscribers FRESH CONTENT!

g******* - 09/22/2021 1:55:19 AM

Hot. Plenty of great shots of Rick's hole and Jack's whole body as he hammered Rick. Sensational cum from them both.

L******** - 09/21/2021 8:52:42 PM

Simply awesome the way Rick swallowed Jack's cum: he truly enjoyed the taste. More cum swallowing, please.

S******** - 09/21/2021 7:03:47 PM

It was pretty good but i wish Jack had sucked dick more but I’m glad he sucked Rick’s dick at all. Not bad

c********* - 09/21/2021 2:11:29 PM

I really....repeat REALLY..... liked this's full of smiles and humour (thanks especially to Jack) and relaxed pleasure; both guys look great, all golden and sparkling with their summer tans and it's always a big thrill to see and enjoy Jack's fat and beautiful cock and relish the pleasure it brings to both lads. And I think the camera, though pointless, was not too intrusive. A full five stars from contented me.

P****** - 09/21/2021 1:52:13 PM

More Jack, and this time with both a camera and an ear tunnel..

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