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Jack Harrer & Jarrod Lanvin

Our naughty duo Kevin and Jack have always been inseparable and like to help each other in every way they can, even when it comes to finding boys. The two rascals come across Jarrod Lanvin and drag him into their apartment. Jack starts to make out with Jarrod while Kevin grabs the camera. Lucky Jarrod is fucked by Jack’s massive dick in every possible position until Jack cums all over his hole and face.

Jack Harrer
Jarrod Lanvin
M****** - 05/28/2022 7:31:04 PM

Holy cow. This starts out like a typical twink frolic and turns insanely erotic and passionate. Jarrod quickly evolves from the cherubic teen to a voracious cock-hound. Loved the rimming, the spit, the gaping. I'm reminded of another European porn site that specializes, it seems, in rimming and ATM. Rimming is presented as a means of preparing the asshole for penetration with lots of saliva being introduced and much attention to stimulating the orifice for what's about to enter. Jack's conspiratorial looks toward Kevin to capture Jarrod's asshole on camera: divine. Jack is such a sexy bad-boy here, and Jarrod wouldn't want it any other way. Nice change of pace to show the camera operator.

A******** - 11/10/2021 6:51:23 PM

One of the best scenes ever!! More of that, please.

a***** - 07/13/2021 5:55:18 AM

While waiting to watch how Giulio pays his training fee to Andrei, it's a lot of fun to see Kevin and Jack on rescue mission with Jarrod's giving service to Jack by kneeling down and using his warm mouth to stimulate Jack's male part. The zoom in on Jarrod's face and to see what Jack's dick does to him through is face is amazing! And I love how the focus on Jarrod's body is about his ass from the start. And I think seeing how Jack just has fun and owns Jarrod's hole is a great sight to see! I just can't help but want to know how far and experienced Jarrod is at that stage.

n***** - 07/12/2021 1:28:56 PM

I want to watch Jack and Kevin more!

b******** - 07/11/2021 4:34:09 AM

Miss Jack so much!!!!

j******* - 07/08/2021 3:55:07 PM

Please keep cameramen out of videos.

i******* - 07/07/2021 10:26:30 PM

Wow! What a fantastic scene! This is what we need BA, more assplay! And we all know that Jack is the Ass Master! Jarrod seems to prefer big dicks, so it was a great matchup! Personally, I think if cameramen are going to be in the shot, they should be nude cameramen, but that's just me. Keep it up BA!

H************** - 07/07/2021 9:33:37 PM

Can’t believe some of the negativity. It’s great to see Jack doing what Jack does so well, opening up a beautiful boy with his enormous cock. Jarrod could have taken both Jack and Kevin together to make this even better.

q****** - 07/07/2021 10:35:45 AM

Let Jack play yet

b******** - 07/06/2021 10:44:48 PM

I loved seeing Jack stretching open Jarrod's hole with his fingers. Something amazing to see a guy's gaping ass. Shame it doesn't happen in more BA scenes

l********** - 07/06/2021 7:22:35 PM

I love my Jack! He knows to fuck and he knows to take.

s******* - 07/06/2021 4:32:04 PM

OK, now we know Jack has treated the amazing Jarrod as a mere hole to fill with his huge cock. It's not a surprise Jarrod didn't even cum.

c********* - 07/06/2021 1:19:11 PM

I loved this, partly because of Jarrod -- long limbed and golden haired -- whom I never really noticed before. He rightly gives himself over to worship Jack's unmatched beautiful, fat dick "body and soul, mouth and hole". But Jack's the real star, sexy, gorgeous and charming as ever. I love the way he moves and the many views he gives us of his cock. Still the champion of champions, playing even at the end with his still hard, juicy cock, ready to take on a disappointed Kevin. And notice how he earlier seemed to try to entice Kevin (not for the first time) into a threesome even as Jarrod sucks his cock. Glorious!

d******* - 07/06/2021 12:57:43 PM

Jarrod loves that cock of Jack up his ass. He simply loves it to no end I believe Jarrod has some previous experience. This is one time when Kevin's camera came in handy.

s******** - 07/06/2021 10:34:04 AM

Jarrod, so dam cute who looks like a character in a Japanese manga, has always been a great cock-hungry boy. Jack a master of cocksmanship longdicks and pretzel dicks Jarrod every which way you can satisfying Jarrod's dick-thirst. This scene is the QUINTESSENTIAL BAKAF scene of unbridled LUST. Kevin's home video method works.

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