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Hugo Carter & Kian O'Connor

Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to Hugo Carter and who would refuse a breakfast prepared by a naked Kian O’Connor? We think we can all agree that nobody would object to either of these things so let’s take a look at how such a morning would pan out. Kian and Hugo wake up in the morning and Kian, between kisses, offers to make breakfast. His big soft cock swings between his legs as he stands up and saunters erotically down the stairs. Hugo joins him just as the fresh fruit is prepared but decides to offer his fresh body to Kian instead. Kian kneels down and sucks Hugo’s hard dick before flipping him around and rimming his ass. Before Hugo can object, he feels Kian’s hard dick inside. The two boys enjoy this fucking in the white kitchen and their bodies look perfect in the morning light. Before we get to see more, Hugo grabs Kian’s cock and sucks it before he starts riding it. Once Hugo lays down on his back and spread his lelgs to be penetrated again, the action becomes more intense and the boys slowly move closer to climax. Hugo shoots a massive creamy load over his body before he offer his mouth and face for Kian’s cumshot. The only thing missing is a shower. So let’s go!

Kian O'Connor
Hugo Carter
G********* - 06/20/2024 2:54:41 PM

Very nice. Nothing to criticize about it, the filming was good and showed both their faces. Kian is just not my personal type (nor is Hugo, really, though he is a very hot performer). But it just didn't have the same intense energy of the scene when Hugo was fucked by his bf Steve. I'm afraid that may have ruined me for other Hugo scenes LOL! Well maybe not entirely ...

M*********** - 05/19/2024 10:42:42 PM

Great. That's when Kian's fat cock commands and must be obeyed.

S****** - 03/09/2024 6:46:45 PM

Kian makes a very hot top.

g******* - 02/28/2024 12:19:22 AM

He peeled the banana from the bottom. That is the way I do it.

g******* - 02/04/2024 1:46:33 AM

Magnificent. Kian has become such a strong, handsome man and it is good to be seeing more of time. He fucks sexy, cute Hugo with passion and the whole scene has passion and beauty.

w****** - 02/03/2024 10:39:24 PM

An incredibly hot scene. I have always been a big fan of Kian and to my mind Hugo is the pick of the new recruits. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

j******* - 02/03/2024 3:02:08 AM

Amazing ! Just beautiful to watch. Hugo is so sexy, love them both.

b******* - 02/02/2024 4:29:48 AM


M*************** - 02/01/2024 12:27:53 AM

Wow. Stunning scene. Kian super and Hugo certainly fitting right in.......and I'm sure will continue his rise in the ranks of the newer models. Had a thought for a different scenario than usual for Belami. When I look at Kian he looks so business like with his hair cut, kinda conservative.....we know better..but how about an office scene, 2 young new hires at the big law firm, the other Bobby Kaynne, both dapper in their dashing suits, both working late in the boardroom with files stacked up, but somebody needs a break .............

b******************* - 01/31/2024 7:35:15 AM

Wow this scene is stunning! Hugo is so sexy, and that first standing position with Hugo's foot on a chair, WOW what a great position.

j******* - 01/31/2024 1:48:11 AM

Hugo Carter ... well simply WOW hope to see him bottom for others!!

J****** - 01/31/2024 1:00:56 AM

Absolutely perfect !!!

e*********** - 01/30/2024 7:37:49 PM

Hugo Carter and Kian are so beautiful. Great sex scene.

M********* - 01/30/2024 7:34:08 PM

Breathtaking hot sex, indeed, this is pure passion. The most I like is the standing position when you can see Hugo's full erected dick during Kian fucks him and second, Hogo rides Kian, spreeding his cheeks as wide as he can. Standing ovations for both guys!

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