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Hugo Carter & Jim Durden

Jim Durden is well known for his infinite appetite for sex and today he proves his skills to new boy Hugo Carter. Once Jim’s towel has dropped to the ground revealing all his hunky charms to Hugo, there is no going back. Jim passionatelly sucks Hugo‘s dick before enjoying a warm wet blowjob in return. As he fucks Hugo’s mouth Jim's dominant nature is awakened. All he wants now is Hugo’s ass. Jim rims his partner‘s pink hole whilst preparing his cock for penetration. Finally he slides his manhood into Hugo from behind. Jim more than lives up to his „sex machine“ reputation and with every thrust brings Hugo closer to orgasm. Whilst Hugo is enjoying one of the best fucks of his life, Jim is excited to see his friend moaning loudly and getting ready to cum. Jim helps Hugo to climax first before rewarding his ass with a creamy cumshot and a farewell thrust of his cock.

Jim Durden
Hugo Carter
p***** - 07/14/2024 2:12:01 PM

Wow, wow. Hugo is certainly a wonderful & responsive bottom and Jim is a sex meister of the first order. I was totally entranced & I didn't want the scene to end. Hugo must have been walking funny for a week afterwards. Bravo boys

C***** - 07/10/2024 8:09:31 AM

Jim and Hogo are made for each other. Everything is just right here.

V************ - 07/08/2024 6:04:50 PM

It does not get any better than this! Jim Durden is the king of passion and eroticism, and clearly he brings that out of his partner here as well. Both models are clearly in sinc and Hugo rises to the challenge responding with equal passion. Needless to say the camera crew, directors and editors all deserve a big bravo for bringing us such an amazing work of art and perfection. The only other model who displayed the same measure of passion as Jim Durden was Andrei Karenan. whom I assume is no longer filming with Belami. I certainly hope that Jim is still active and I hope that Belami pays him well for his superior performances. Not all models are equal and Jim is clearly heads and shoulders above the rest right now.

J******* - 07/08/2024 11:40:54 AM

I thought it was all good until Hugo turned around and displayed his ink injected art..............then my on was turned off.

D********* - 07/03/2024 5:03:45 PM

Agree with the previous comments. Super hot, beautifully portrayed scene, both Hugo and Jim clearly enjoy it. With ease, Jim's thick and long cock disappears into Hugo's deliciously juicy ass. It is a pleasure to see both of them when Hugo is taken doggystyle. SUPER!!!

s******* - 07/03/2024 1:14:39 PM

excellent scene! Well directed and with two really lustful guys! Bravo!

g******* - 07/03/2024 7:55:17 AM

Sublime. Jim grabbed as much of Hugo's beautiful body as he could through that energetic fuck. I loved it when Jim sucked Hugo's dick, he fingered his own ass. We got wonderful views of their hot bodies, especially Jim's amazing ass and legs. Hugo clearly enjoyed the encounter and they didn't rush to the showers.

s********* - 07/03/2024 1:24:03 AM

Agree with previoius comments, great scene. I find Hugo irresistible! Bravo...

G********* - 07/03/2024 12:52:30 AM

I'd really rather go jack off now than write this review LOL! So nice to see Jim Durden return to Bel Ami. I think he was mostly ill-served by Bel Ami videographers in years past (failing to show his face during orgasm), but here they caught it all, from jacking off Hugo (SUPERHOT!) to his own explosion of cum with a great simultaneous view of his face. So THANK YOU! I've kept hoping Bel Ami will finally figure out how to film a sex scene competently. Maybe they finally have? ALSO: Jim really has one of the nicest and meatiest LIMP cocks I've ever seen! He's magnificent fully hard of course, but I could stare at his big swinging limp dick all day as well, in the shower, just walking around a room, whatever (grin). That's a hell of a nice moment, for example, when he drops the towel right in front of Hugo, who seems stunned with lust (sorta like me) as he stares at Jim's gorgeous uncut penis.

H***** - 07/02/2024 12:22:54 PM

This was an awesome hot filmed fuck without any inhibitions from the cameraman and above all from Hugo and Jim!! Well done guys and thank you so much. Hottest scen since ages on both Freshmen and BA!! WOW!

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