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Hugo Carter & Camillo Beischel part 2

Hugo Carter and Camillo Beischel are enjoying a romantic post-coital moment when Hugo decides to give a relaxing massage to his friend. His soft, tender touches soon awaken Camillo who begins to notice Hugo’s semihard cock between his glutes. While the muscled jock stays face down, Hugo slowly makes his way even lower to rim his butthole. Before Camillo finally feels Hugo’s dick inside, the couple prolong the foreplay with mutual blowjobs against a glass wall with a beautiful view of the forest. Hugo’s dick works its magic and the manly Camillo becomes suddenly passive for a change. Each thrust stimulates Camillo’s prostate and he gets ever closer to orgasm. Hugo pulls out his dick just before he cums so all the semen lands on his partner’s hole. Camillo uses his left hand to shoot a big cumshot over his stomach.

Camillo Beischel
Hugo Carter
V************ - 06/21/2024 7:02:59 PM

Two really hot guys who perform really well together. Also well filmed. the only short coming was that no re-entry by Hugo after coming with a close up of his shoving his wet cock back up Camillo's ass. Great com blast by Camillow and loved that Hugo went right down on Comillo;s wet cock right after. Contrary to Garcon I give it 5 Stars!

G********* - 06/20/2024 10:41:43 PM

After my disappointment with the first video with Hugo and Camillo (see my review of that one), I had low expectations for this one. Those low expectations were met when Hugo's face was AGAIN cut completely out of the frame during his orgasm (not even a replay! WHY!!!). Camillo's face and body are shown (though only in a too-abrupt replay) as he shudders through a MASSIVE cumshot, so that alone makes this one worth 3 stars instead of 2. I'm guessing that orgasm felt explosively good for Camillo (grin)! But it remains frustrating and even infuriating how inadequate and inconsistent Bel Ami's videography remains. These both would have been easy 5-star videos (and keepers for me to enjoy jacking off to many times) IF ONLY BOTH GUYS' FACES HAD BEEN SHOWN PROPERLY!

m******* - 06/19/2024 6:46:20 PM

OMG.... This video is amazing hot with those 2 gorgeous guys HUGO CARTER and CAMILLO BEISCHEL. Muscular CAMILLO BEISCHEL becomes my favorite man and he has such a hot tattoed male body, his smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his his huge uncut banana dick are so amazing hot. I like nipple play on guys and CAMILLO BEISCHEL has such hot nipples to suck on and play with. Hottest man to man encounter with HUGO CARTER, who enjoys sucking THAT big uncut cock and finally CAMILLO BEISCHEL getting fucked too very hard bareback in his hot ass by HUGO CARTER. He knows how to fuck guys very hard with his huge uncut cock. Cannot wait to see both sexy and good looking guys soon in action again in another new bareback video scene at Freshman !!

e****** - 06/12/2024 1:37:00 AM

Good and intense scene! Hope to see more of both guys, but especially Camillo! Camillo has a nice face, a very good body and is a very good performer.

g******* - 06/04/2024 7:15:42 AM

Beautiful gay guys really into their sex together. Camillo's orgasm!!

b******* - 06/03/2024 7:34:54 AM

Camillo ist ein Kerl zum Vernaschen: ein hübsches Gesicht, ein mächtiger Brustkorb mit einem schönen Tattoo und großen Brustwarzen, ein kräftiger Schwanz und ein perfekter Arsch mit einem einladenden pinken Loch! Und außerdem: er fickt und ejakuliert wie ein Zucht-Hengst. Geil!

D********* - 05/31/2024 11:05:19 AM

I follow you HetLoo, your proposed version of the doggystyle would have been an added value. Nevertheless, a nice exciting scene. I saw two gorgeous hot boys.

Z***** - 05/29/2024 8:04:32 PM

More Camillo Beischel PLEASE SO HOT !!

J****** - 05/29/2024 1:42:35 AM

Strongly agree with Ken987 - I also wants to see new scenes with Jorik, paired up with Hugo would be perfect :-)))

K***** - 05/29/2024 12:47:11 AM

I would love to see Hugo in flip sequence with Jorik, if he is still available. Haven’t seen him in sometime.🇺🇦

t*********** - 05/28/2024 8:18:40 PM

Profile photos need updating!!

H***** - 05/28/2024 5:01:58 PM

Nice scene, but not as hot as the first. Dull filming, just the rimming part was hot! Why the patented sideways fucking, boring, boring. Why no hot doggystyle filmed from behind so we get to see the tops butthole also.!

B***** - 05/28/2024 4:53:23 PM


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