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Hugo Carter & Camillo Beischel

Camillo Beischel loves to work out as shown by his highly muscly body. Today’s encounter with Hugo Carter starts in our private gym where you can also spot other models. Hugo isn’t really a „gym rat“ so after lifting some barbells he heads back to the house. There is only one thing that Camillo is more passionate about than going to the gym and that's a good fuck, so he decides to follow Hugo and see what happens. When our muscled jock starts to seduce Hugo, he is very much up for Camillo’s alternative workout plan. The boys let their passion guide them until they both end up naked in bed. Camillo works his way down to suck on Hugo‘s erect dick. His oral skills awake the always quiet Hugo who then flips roles and embraces Camillo’s dick with his lips. While Hugo gives head to his friend, we are rewarded with a nice view of Hugo’s pink hole which soon gets to be rimmed and fucked. It is clear from his ever louder and intense moans that our blond star is in seventh heaven. Camillo is an excellent top, especially when his partner is someone as sexy as Hugo. Two powerful climaxes are the inevitable conclusion to the steamy session between these two, physically very different, yet mutually attractive lovers.

Camillo Beischel
Hugo Carter
V************ - 06/21/2024 7:18:27 PM

A beautiful scene with two very hot beautiful models. Loved the nipple play and licking which we don't get to see enough of. Camillo has such great pecs and really luscious nipples! Loved the full reare view of Camillo pounding Hugo's ass. Great oral and ass licking. Great cum loads! Great filming! Definitley 5 Stars!

G********* - 06/20/2024 10:30:32 PM

I agree with Martyjal they make an incredibly hot couple. This boded well to be another in a remarkable series of HOT new videos starring Hugo Carter, most others of which are SUPERB and I have praised and rated 5-star. But I can't agree with praise for this video or camera work. Bel Ami couldn't be bothered to edit out the distracting directorial comment at 17:30(grr)??? And why is Hugo's face left completely out of frame throughout his orgasm????? As with too many Bel Ami & Freshmen videos, they apparently think we want to watch headless torsos ejaculating (or just a hyper closeup of a disembodied cock without any recognizable context), instead of actually seeing men enjoying their orgasms with full face and body views. This is so STUPID!!! The climax is EXACTLY when we want to see their ecstatic facial expression of pleasure! How can you not get this? Orgasm happens in the brain and the face is the window. You could easily provide BOTH closeup cumshot views AND full facial views during orgasm! A simple matter of better camera angles or short replays. And you DO provide this in SOME videos (grudgingly noting a partial replay is provided with Camillo's face here, but cutting in too abruptly as he's already started to come). So why not consistently? Just when I was starting to dare hope that Bel Ami had turned over a new leaf in its videography with these newest videos from some of its newest and hottest performers. Yet just as during years and decades past, poor camera work threatens to WASTE the hard work and beauty of your wonderful performers!

m******* - 06/19/2024 6:41:23 PM

OMG.... This video is amazing hot with those 2 gorgeous muscular guys CAMILLO BEISCHEL and HUGO CARTER. CAMILLO BEISCHEL becomes my favorite man and he has such a hot tattoed male body, his smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his his huge uncut banana dick are so amazing hot. I like nipple play on guys and CAMILLO BEISCHEL has such hot nipples to suck on and play with. Hottest man to man encounter with HUGO CARTER, who enjoys sucking THAT big uncut cock and getting fucked too very hard bareback in his hot ass by CAMILLO BEISCHEL. He knows how to fuck guys very hard with his huge uncut cock. Cannot wait to see both sexy and good looking guys soon in action again in another new bareback video scene at Freshman !!

D********* - 05/31/2024 10:55:57 AM

Two gorgeous boys. I love them from head to toe. Everything beautifully portrayed. Nice zoom in on the arse of Hugo. Both assses to lick off. The more I snap at Hugo, the hotter it makes me. Also Camillo is hot.

g******* - 05/30/2024 11:14:11 PM

What a wonderful steamy encounter between two hot guys who clearly enjoyed their sex together. Great orgasms! I loved the location for this and I hope we see the others in some non-workout activity as well.

h******* - 05/30/2024 1:44:02 PM

This is spectacular, gorgeous talent! Please less shaving, more natural physiques. Wonderful scene!

F******* - 05/30/2024 1:29:32 AM

Camillo Beischel is just a bombshell of sensuality and sexuality. He's got a gorgeous body, his buttocks and cock are superb, and whether he's top or bottom, he's just gorgeous. What a model! Congratulations, Camillo.

H***** - 05/28/2024 4:46:02 PM

Good scene with splendid chemistry. Finaly we get to see for a short period of time buttholes when sticking in the air. But it's not for long unfortunately.. I'm a buttlover and should like to see more butt shots, but not very hairy ones. Wouldn't want to rim one. Just love Hugo!

r*************** - 05/28/2024 12:41:58 PM

Belami likes when cute young males lick ass in doggy style.and it's the sexiest scene in all entire clip. One of the best rimming act scene but there are many others so intense see for exemple Oscar Scholz & John Leto , Jorik Tautou & Nikk Lanier , Pip Caulfield & Andre Boleyn , Rhys Jagger & Gaelan Binoche , Alex Orioli & Julian Armanis , Tom Rogers & Riff Dornan . . . . In your opinion rimming act is genuire or decided by Belami/Freshmen ? In any case even if make for money (gay for pay) they are not so straight.. In italiano alla Belami piace quando giovani maschi si leccano il buco del culo in pancia sopra & gambe aperte. Una delle piu' belle scene di rimming ma ce ne sono tante altre vedi per esempio [ Oscar Scholz. . . . Riff Dornan] . . . Secondo voi l'atto di leccare il buco del culo è deciso dalla produzione Belami/Freshmen o i ragazzi lo fanno spotaneamente ? In ogni caso anche se lo facessero solo per soldi (gay for pay) tanto etero non sono.

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