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Hugo Carter & Bob Coogler

With Hugo Carter’s boyfriend making his first official appearance on our website in today's photo gallery, we thought it would be nice to include Hugo himself in the same issue.

Hugo has stayed over in our Prague studio and after waking up, walks into a room full of sexy boys. Bob Coogler catches his attention and after a brief talk, they decide to escape the crowd and spend some time alone. The two guys waste no time in making out and soon their clothes are flying off. Bob gives Hugo a deep, intense blowjob and then Hugo returns the favour. Hugo fingers his friend's asshole in preparation for the real thing. As he slides his cock inside, he awakens the beast in Bob, his partner responding to every thrust with a grateful moan. Hugo is a fantastic top and soon Bob shoots a load all over him. Bob then uses his mouth to bring Hugo to climax before they both run to the shower.

Bob Coogler
Hugo Carter
V************ - 02/28/2024 4:57:10 PM

Very nice scene. Loved the full view from underneath of Hugo fucking Bob!! Belami almost never gave us this view where we could see the tops full ass and back profile from underneath as he is furiously fucking his mate. This view is somuch hotter than just the overly up close shots from underneath! I have been advocating for more of this for a long time. Thank you guys for this great scene!

b******************* - 02/28/2024 2:18:54 AM

Love Hugo!

g******* - 02/27/2024 11:51:06 PM

We have had a feast of hot gay guys this week and next week too! Yes!! I could have watched those young men in the tight underwear all day. They are so hot just being there.

w****** - 02/27/2024 9:35:46 PM

Two stars in the making and a superb scene, made even better with the added frisson of dialogue in English. I love Bob's big dark eyes. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

M********* - 02/27/2024 7:08:33 PM

Wow! Boys that's superlative sex, wonderful how you both working together. It's so hot how wide Bob can spread his legs during ride Hugo's dick. Orgasms great too.

H***** - 02/27/2024 6:42:02 PM

Hot and cute couple! Great chemistry. Would have loved to see more butthole shots from both, espacially the top. Hugo has such a hot butt!!

p********** - 02/27/2024 2:38:37 PM


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