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Hugo Carter

Sexy Hugo Carter is giving a short interview before taking off his clothes and showing us even more of himself. The handsome Slovak boy might appear a little shy at first but once his dick gets hard and he is allowed to play with it, he loses all his inhibitions. Even though this is the second interview with him we are releasing, it is actually the first he ever filmed before entering our „training school“ at the start of his pornstar career. Fun fact: one week after filming this video Tom Houston, his interviewer here, became his trainer. If he requested this or it's just a coincidence, we can only speculate...

Hugo Carter
G********* - 06/20/2024 9:51:01 AM

I side with the "let it grow" camp on pubic hair. Trimming a bit is fine, but it's sexy, masculine, and serves a purpose (avoiding itching and chafing) to have a healthy bush. Underarm hair is also sexy and serves similar purposes. That's why human males evolved body hair over millions of years! Beards are different because they keep growing and don't stop. But I get the point that being clean shaven isn't the way men naturally evolved either. Yet I still prefer it (or light stubble).

l***** - 05/01/2024 9:33:47 PM

I like pubes short

u***** - 04/19/2024 8:34:05 PM

Hugo is indeed a beautiful congenial young man. But, Hugo, stop clipping your pubic bush! Let it become a beautifully lush, golden grown bush framing that beautiful cock of yours.

a****** - 04/17/2024 3:25:45 AM

Hugo has it all. Handsome, lean, beautiful body, plus he loves gay sex. Definitely boyfriend material. Marry me, Hugo!

l********** - 04/16/2024 3:21:17 PM


H***** - 04/16/2024 10:39:18 AM

Hugo is hot and looks naughty! Love him.

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