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Hugo Carter

After his introduction in the 'first-look' photo set, we are back with the stunning Hugo Carter, and keen to find out everything about him. For this is the „naked interview“, taking place on a beautifully situated porch in the countryside. It's clear from his intimate answers that Hugo is smart and kind as he digs into his past experiences and secret desires which only serve to make his cock harden and pulse with excitement. We hope you enjoy the second appearance of this gem of a boy.

Hugo Carter
c***** - 01/16/2024 2:52:39 AM

Hugo Carter, another one to love!

M****** - 01/14/2024 8:13:26 PM

Charming lad and SUCH pretty eyes.

r******* - 12/16/2023 5:46:39 PM

Hugo is a beautiful young man. It would be so easy to fall headlong in love with him

C***** - 10/24/2023 12:48:12 PM


F***** - 10/17/2023 10:41:35 AM

Hugo seems like a genuinely honest and likeable person.

a****** - 10/17/2023 6:57:35 AM

What a cute, sincere guy Hugo is. Lean body, charming smile, scintillating eyes, impressive cock. I love the guy already.

J****** - 09/29/2023 11:18:19 PM

Il est vraiment adorable vraiment mignon vite le voir en action..

M********* - 09/29/2023 7:52:20 PM

Very charming and sexy too, nice to see his growing wiener. I like to see moore of Hugo.

w****** - 09/27/2023 11:34:25 PM

Lovely fellow. I hope we get to see much more of him.

J****** - 09/27/2023 1:09:31 AM

What a fantastic Interview! Can't wait to see this perfect hot and sexy new boy in action with the other boys. Pleas make this dream come true !!!!

g******* - 09/26/2023 11:00:02 PM

Man, what a winner - so cute and sexy. Hugo was so open about his sexuality which was great and yes, let's se him in action with a blonde and blue-eyed guy as soon as possible! Fantastic interview - there should be more like it.

m***** - 09/26/2023 9:28:21 PM

Hugo is one of the cutest boys I have ever seen!

P****** - 09/26/2023 2:49:58 PM

Hopefully we'll get a follow-up jerkoff video. What a cutie. He has no chest, but otherwise he's just about perfect, with a hairstyle that suits his face. See, I'm into art too.

p********** - 09/26/2023 2:29:31 PM


l********** - 09/26/2023 2:04:30 PM

Very precious lad ! Love him.

m******* - 09/26/2023 12:14:43 PM

I'm in love, marry me! lol

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