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Hugo Carter

This summer has brought some sizzling temperatures around the globe so we are a little afraid to give you an extra dose of hotness, but we are going to risk it anyway. Hugo Carter is the newest addition to our Freshmen team and he is something special. Besides being incredibly handsome, Hugo is very smart and kind. He is very well-organized and keeps things in perfect order. Even when it comes to sex. Take a look at this romantic soul as he steps in front of the lens for the first time today, and get ready for some more.

B***** - 01/31/2024 1:31:03 AM

Bonito, gostoso, querido, adorável fofo, encantador, atraente, admirável, simpático, sexy, inebriante, afável, gentil, carinhoso, apaixonante requintado, elegante um pedacinho de mau caminho em direção ao Céu.

c***** - 01/03/2024 12:40:30 AM

This Hugo Carter is gorgeous! I want scenes please!!

r******* - 12/16/2023 5:49:30 PM

Such a lovely boy. His body is so exciting. Spectacular face, body, cock and an ass begging for attention. Yummy!

j********* - 10/27/2023 9:42:18 PM

Beautiful face, creamy smooth skin, nice tight bod, a lovely cock, tidy pubes and a delightfully smooth ass... It was all going really well, then we came to pic 17 and there is that huge tattoo running down his spine. If he does all his scenes facing the camera or on his back then all will be well. I know that tattoos are a model's choice but he was shooting so high and could have been a 9 or 10, now he loses the mandatory 5 points (on my scale) and now he can only come in as a 4 or 5. Such a shame for such a beautiful boy. Maybe he can make up for it with great performances.

e*********** - 09/20/2023 10:11:27 PM

I want to see him in action with other boys. He is very beautiful.

t******* - 09/14/2023 11:25:06 PM

Hugo has a nice look about him. I think he would be a nice match for an opening scene with Jorik. I'm sure Jorik and Hugo in a flip-flip would go over quite well.

C***** - 09/13/2023 11:44:29 PM

Nice 😍😍😍

r******** - 09/09/2023 3:28:34 AM

Can't wait to see him in action. He is totally handsome, hot and hung!

g******* - 09/09/2023 1:19:38 AM

What a sweetie! Great cock and lots of hot ass shots.

d******* - 09/07/2023 4:37:07 PM

Okay. 😎😎😎😎

a****** - 09/07/2023 6:48:00 AM

A truly handsome guy. Pics 10, 13, and especially 23 of Hugo’s cock are spectacular! Hope to see him in action and also a George interview on the couch.

A******* - 09/07/2023 4:13:57 AM

Unbelievably beautiful

e********* - 09/05/2023 6:20:57 PM

Wow, Hugo is something really special! He has gorgeous eyes and love his butt and delicious cock. Can't wait to see him with a partner!!

P****** - 09/05/2023 5:13:49 PM

He's lovely. But why is the outstanding guy of the week limited to pictures and not a video?

H***** - 09/05/2023 3:52:18 PM

It has been a long time this site had such a hot shot boy! WOW, hot as a pistol!

p********** - 09/05/2023 2:17:22 PM


c********* - 09/05/2023 1:28:08 PM

thanks for the pictures of his fuckable ass, his suckable cock, his nipples and his feet...THI S GUY'S GOT IT ALL!

J****** - 09/05/2023 12:30:38 PM

Can't wait to see him in action with the other boys !!!

S******* - 09/05/2023 10:10:45 AM

A New star is Born !!

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