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Hoyt Kogan & Lars Norgaard 

We know Lars appears to be a perfect blond Adonis. Sadly, he is human and this is only his second scene filmed. As a result, there is a certain level of passivity and clumsiness that was not present in the later-shot scenes you've already viewed. So, some of your expectations for this scene might exceed the results Fortunately, the location is lovely as are his scene partners Hoyt and Adam. We think this makes up for any shortcomings.

Lars Norgaard
Hoyt Kogan
u***** - 07/10/2024 7:07:59 AM

Love both Hoyt and Lars. It's too bad Lars doesn't realize that with the pure blond hair of his, he would look so much sexier with a full blond curly bush framing his penis rather than the stubble he left.

m******* - 07/13/2021 4:13:26 AM

The blow job and consequence by Hoyt is worth the trip.

t********* - 02/07/2021 12:55:30 PM

Love seeing both of these handsome faces with cum on them. Too bad it wasn't a flip flop.

D********** - 01/28/2020 5:33:14 AM

Would love to see Lars’ asshole

d******* - 01/10/2020 1:19:05 PM

Both so handsome!!

R************ - 06/24/2019 6:39:54 PM

Love the cum in mouth.

S****** - 12/25/2018 8:43:58 AM

Wonderful! Love the cum gulping!!

k*********** - 10/12/2017 10:54:23 AM

Invoked happy memories. I met a blonde haired lad just like Lars on holiday too. We did everything that Hoyt and Lars did except we didn't bother with the bath.

x******* - 09/26/2017 7:53:21 AM

Delcious scene!! I especially loved watch Lars drizzle his scrumptious load on to Hoyt's beautiful lips!! Yum!

w******** - 08/03/2017 8:15:53 AM

I loved it. Beautiful bodies, caring passion, nice filming.

g******* - 07/21/2017 3:33:19 AM

Lars is very handsome but this early scene depended on Hoyt's passion and experience.

g********* - 07/17/2017 10:49:13 PM

I agree with otrebor. The sheer beauty of both performers more than compensates for any lack of passion. This is not surprising if this was only Lars' second on camera scene, as we learned from the intro

J****** - 07/14/2017 3:34:57 PM

Oui le mot est lâché oui un peu, beaucoup ennuyeux. Ne pas tenir rigueur c'était le début de Lars.

N******** - 07/12/2017 6:22:04 PM

Not the most exciting scene perhaps but Lars does look beautiful and unlike some others I'm not going to blame him wholly, or indeed partially for the lack of fireworks. It seems to me that Lars likes some degree of domination, something that, unusually, Hoyt is unable to provide here. In part 2, where Hoyt is more aggressive we see Lars being much more responsive - it takes two to tango! This scene is really not helped though by the dreadful editing - no initial penetration shots? - this is a major BA failing seen far too often.

o****** - 07/12/2017 10:31:11 AM

OK this scene is not energetically hot! But watching pure beauty can't be boring, the beauty of disembodied angels? No the beauty of the flesh, Hoyt and Lars are amazingly beautiful both and together, and watching them is such a pleasure! Hoyt takes his time and relishes it! A pure pleasure!!!

H***** - 07/12/2017 8:13:40 AM

To be honest this is boring.

A********** - 07/12/2017 4:56:56 AM

PERFECT !! 1 million stars.... Wonderful hot models, with a lot of passion (it seems they love each other).... I have no words to describe how I love this...... THAAAAAAANK YOU VERY MUCH AND CONGRATULATIONS !!!

M******** - 07/12/2017 1:27:32 AM

These boys give me the best summer of my life. I love Lars work here.

x****** - 07/11/2017 7:02:06 PM

The ice still hasn't melted from around Lars. Hoyt, on the other hand....

P****** - 07/11/2017 6:26:52 PM

So long as I get to see Lars naked, I'm content.

n***** - 07/11/2017 1:42:55 PM

This scene is worthy of only Falcon studios, where there is no passion in foreplay. Please don't go down that road BA.

b***** - 07/11/2017 11:39:01 AM

I like the part in the bathtub, I thought that it was sensual and gave a nice view of two beautiful and handsome models. The fucking part was ok, not really bad, not really good either. I did not mind Lars being a bit passive and did not detect him being clumsy in any part of this scene. So, overall a good scene, not BA/FM top though.

a********* - 07/11/2017 10:46:30 AM

The passion was on vacation that day. Not one heart to this scene.

t****** - 07/11/2017 10:18:06 AM

This scene is a like a moving painting. Seeing the supermodel Hoyt with the golden ray of beauty that is Lars was lovely. Also, the scene and models are hot as hell!!! 🔥

S******* - 07/11/2017 10:12:20 AM

I'm sorry, guys, but this was the one of the most boring and mechanical scenes I've ever seen at BA. Hoyt, at least, was trying, but Lars was simply cold like a beautiful ice sculpture. :((((((((((

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