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Hoyt Kogan & Kieran Benning

The preeminent scene of this edition of Viva Columbia features Kieran Benning and Hoyt Kogan. You’ll notice a documentary feel as we follow Hoyt around recording his mornings during the trip. This morning ritual includes making himself beautiful, having a beer on the beach, followed up with fucking Kieran. Can you think of a better way to start the day? GD: For those believing that following Hoyt’s morning routine will make you as lovely as Hoyt, forget it. In the days when I used to go to the beach I had the exact same routine. It didn’t work for me. GD: Some of our boys still pronounce “beach” as “bitch”.

Hoyt Kogan
Kieran Benning
I********** - 04/15/2021 1:51:39 AM

I love listening to the leopard-like, low sensual growling of Hoyt...very sexy. To say nothing of those lovely hoover-like lips! {}

R************ - 06/22/2019 12:00:48 PM

JO, JO, JO, JO, JO.........

D******* - 08/08/2018 1:41:18 AM

Kieran is so seductive.....

h********* - 06/05/2018 11:17:29 PM

Hoyt has never done much for me as a top. He’s a much better bottom. And Kieran is such a hot top, that a role reversal, or at least a flip-flop would have helped this scene. Wasted cum, too.

t****** - 02/23/2018 6:44:56 PM

A satisfactory scene overall. Hoyt and Kieran are clearly very good-looking and their chemistry was good enough. Alas, I thought the angles in this scene were uncreative.

C********* - 02/21/2018 11:10:04 AM

It doesn't get any better than this....Kieran and Hoyt....gorgeous, sensual, erotic love making with personalities that engage and tease and offer total pleasure....bravo....more please...

a********* - 02/20/2018 11:33:16 AM


w******* - 02/20/2018 3:39:39 AM

MORE KIERAN. JUST. MORE. KIERAN. He has the stamina to be on here weekly. His enthusiasm is amazing. Love him.

t****** - 02/14/2018 9:11:47 PM

Hoyt looks so much nicer when he wears his hair longer. Recall he spent a year being ignored among second rung models until he grew his hair longer and we realized he was one of the handsomest belami models.

b***** - 02/14/2018 10:11:06 AM

As always Kieran, the much beloved renaissance prince, is very eager in his sexual action. I can fully understand why Hoyt is so much taken with him. Great performance by both models, great interaction. I like the idea of using the hammock and I hope Kieran was given time to enjoy a full rest in it after filming this exciting episode.

s******* - 02/14/2018 12:56:19 AM

Kieran! 5, 50, 500, 5,000 stars! Also Hoyt, of course! Only complaint: only 15 minutes of paradise? what is our fault? ;)

m******* - 02/13/2018 6:56:04 PM

5 stars, great scene, two wonderful beauty

L*********** - 02/13/2018 2:18:45 PM

Oh yes, there is no better way to start into a new day like this both guys show it. A very, very well done sex action, creative and performed with lots of fun to do it, great done by this both wonderful guys, Kieran and Hoyt.

o****** - 02/13/2018 10:30:49 AM

Great scene! Great pairing! Great wild sex in urgency! Hoyt and Kieran play magnificently!

T***** - 02/13/2018 10:27:56 AM

Beautifully filmed scene between two Class A beauties.

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