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Hoyt Kogan & Benoit Ulliel

Have pity for Hoyt as the travails of being hot, sexy and a great lover are underappreciated. The first burden is that he attracts other beautiful friends like Kevin and Jerome who always take an inordinate interest in his paramours. So, when he brings home Benoit Ulliel for a “first date” the two lovely pains-in-the-ass can scarcely leave them in peace for a minute. What was poor Benoit thinking? Scoring a hottie like Hoyt and then not having a moment of privacy! He must have been very pleased when Jerome and Kevin finally retreat to the kitchen so he can have his way with Hoyt. Another burden of looking and fucking like Hoyt is that your partners always cum too quickly! Multiple cameramen have had to endure the annoyance of having his partners climax in the middle of the scene. Benoit is another “victim” of a Hoyt-fuck as he  loses his  thick and creamy load long before Hoyt is done with him.

Hoyt Kogan
Benoit Ulliel
a******* - 02/15/2020 8:47:00 PM

no interest - too shaved

g******* - 10/11/2019 1:15:45 AM

Benoit is so pretty. Hoyt so handsome and his high-energy fucking was wonderful and Benoit didn't mind either!

l******* - 09/29/2019 9:24:22 PM

Wow, still adore Benoit - such a beauty. Just lust that lad from his dark hair & green eyes to his ass & beautifully muscled lean legs. So nice to see Hoyt w/o his old arrogant act. Such a hot sexual guy!

R************ - 09/18/2019 4:58:28 PM

Quando vedo la sborrata in bocca mi devo segare.

a********* - 09/18/2019 5:06:15 AM

Hoyt and Benoit are beautiful. Enough with the ridiculous opening acts. Just dumb.

w******* - 09/18/2019 12:09:00 AM

benoit is the star of this scene and so delectably muscled

b***** - 09/17/2019 10:37:44 PM

Apart from the opening sequence (four and half very annoying minutes with Kevin and Jerome playing even more annoying guys) I liked this episode very much. Benoit really is sexiness on legs and such a pleasure to look at. He is an eager and affectionate performer who knows how to bring his partner to a higher level of performance. I agree with @otrebor that Hoyt is more passionate than usual and I think Benoit is to blame for that, it definely is Benoit that is the star in this scene.

V************ - 09/17/2019 7:07:30 PM

Benoit is cute albeit a bit thin and over shaved. I used to like Hoyt a lot more than I do now. I really dislike his superficial kissing and wheras I once liked his low voice and moaning, it gets to be a bit much after a while. Hoyt comes across to me as arrogant and in this scene Benoit seems to be a passive peace of meat that Hoyt uses for his own pleasure. I also thought the antics at the beginning which took up 5 minutes of the scene were not needed as they didn't ad anything to the scene. So at best this was a 3 star scene for me.

S******* - 09/17/2019 6:16:42 PM

I always love ❤️ seeing Benoit's beautiful slender body in action! Hoyt did a great job pleasuring him!

x****** - 09/17/2019 5:43:57 PM

If Hoyt's beautiful cock was fucking me, I'd probably cum rather quickly, too. But as long as he kept fucking, as with Benoit here, I might give him another reward. I enjoyed this pairing, but it would have been better without the antics of Jerome and Kevin.

o****** - 09/17/2019 10:04:13 AM

Nice enough… Hoyt is more passionate than usually! Benoit is charming! He shoots first though Hoyt doesn't fuck him very deeply! Doesn't like cum, he split Hoyt' cream...

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