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Hoyt Kogan

Our images this week comes from Hoyt Kogan, our resident supermodel. This is our penultimate Columbian set, so you see we saved the best for last. Our last set will feature Kirk next week in a predominantly Columbian edition. 

m******* - 06/26/2021 2:09:57 AM

I have dodged around Hoyt for so long. He did not connect with me at all on a physical or sexual level. Then a few weeks ago I had a very explicit dream that involved Hoyt. Waking, my world with Hoyt had suddenly become an obsession. Dreaming of someone in a warm and positive way and then waking to that warmth is astounding. I dream.

t********* - 10/25/2018 9:37:12 AM

I'm usually not one for photosets as they seem so twentieth century to me - a media form not competitive at all in my view to a 4K vid. However, there is obvious artistry here and the subject is indeed one of Europe's finest male models. So, I did very much enjoy this set.It shows you --there is everyday a wide diversity of opinion and tastes expressed in these forums. It is seldom, if ever, that you find every comment in fervent agreement: Hoyt is a classically beautiful model -- a Hollywood star-worthy face, flawless tan & smooth skin, wonderful muscularity and awesome nipples, dick & ass. There is not one dissenting voice. A tribute to Hoyt and his beauty!

m***** - 10/23/2018 9:29:48 PM

A greek god!

S******* - 10/23/2018 6:58:07 PM

I love ❤️ the classical look! Hoyt is one of your most gorgeous models ever! He definitely has the body and the face of a Greek God!

m******* - 10/23/2018 6:35:42 PM

what else can we say about Hoyt?

a****** - 10/23/2018 5:54:57 PM

Handsome man, especially pictures 14 and 20!

r*********** - 10/23/2018 3:40:57 PM

Photo 14! Those thighs.

t****** - 10/23/2018 2:46:49 PM

A handsome Greek God!

b******** - 10/23/2018 1:48:13 PM

Hoyt Kogan continues to provide excellent pix with his beautiful face and body; along with the wonderful photography of of the (as usual) unnamed photographer wo whose work Hoyt would not excel to the same degree. Some pix of him fully erect would have been nice.

N******** - 10/23/2018 1:03:37 PM

He is magnificent but there should have been a couple of shots of him fully erect.

a********* - 10/23/2018 12:56:14 PM

His non-erect dick is so exciting and beautiful, that invites...

L*********** - 10/23/2018 12:14:47 PM

Hoyt definitely is ONE OF THE BEST! Nice photos but a pity there are not more from his fine backside.

b***** - 10/23/2018 12:02:28 PM

Wonderful! Hoyt is one of the (if not THE) most photogenic models with BA/FM/KA of the last era.

o****** - 10/23/2018 10:29:41 AM

Hoyt the Magnificent!!! Great artistic photos though a lttle bit classical...

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