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Henrik Bjorn & Hoyt Kogan

Fans cannot fathom the efforts it takes to find our models.  Sometimes we will get a beautiful blond who struggles with low sexual energy. Other times we’ll find a boy with a huge and beautiful dick and discover half of our models balk at taking a dick that size.  Finally, we have boys who look a little average but are sexually flexible and uninhibited.  Henrik Bjorn falls into this last category.  He has very few sexual inhibitions and can take any size dick.  He’ll demonstrate this ability in a later scene when he receives a double penetration without blinking an eye.  Today’s scene is nothing so extreme but it is one of his very first.  His trainer is Hoyt.

Hoyt Kogan
Henrik Bjorn
D******* - 09/15/2018 6:36:24 AM

Henrik Bjorn is a treasure. He is the type of fuck-buddy, indeed friend-with-benefits, I would love to have. He's a dear. Keep him and treat him well.

a******* - 05/08/2017 9:55:47 PM

Henrik Bjorn shame he has had his bum shaved

A********** - 01/10/2017 1:23:25 AM

Hoyt is wonderful, very sexy 5 stars as always

x******* - 12/12/2016 9:32:23 AM

Impressive! Henrik definitely a keeper!!

t********* - 12/09/2016 10:34:23 AM

I really dislike that this fucking, then pull out and each model in turn jerk's off into the other's face. This was the way Belami did things ten years ago when one model would go fully limp during the fucking and they had to j/o to cum. BA models had evolved beyond this into some incredible love-making & sex where a top fucked a bottom until the bottom came or some variation. Sorry to see this backsliding. If some folks like this facial jerkoff, why not have some scenes like that and then some scenes where it is a full-on fuck where both guys are really passionate. In this scene, I have to say the star is not Hoyt (whom I thought was too subdued and not a good trainer surprisingly) but rather it is Henrik. Henrik has the better body here -- he is muscular & lean (it looks like Hoyt is either not working out or off the diet that GD put him on that made him look so good like a year ago.) Henrik's chest is beautiful & his big nipples are erotic. He also seems to like sex: he said he prefers top but he was a good bottom. I think the scene never got off the ground because Hoyt was cold & Henrik, after Hoyt warmed up from behind should have either flipped over on his back where they could have faced one another more intimately or done what he did -- sit facing Hoyt & ride Hoyt's cock. What took away from the sex was Hoyt came first. Henrik should have jacked off as he was riding Hoyt's dick and shot his cum into Hoyt's face AS he was still riding Hoyt's dick. To pull off Hoyt's dick and then try to jack off was lame and didn't make the viewer feel that either model was really into the scene. I love Hoyt normally but he failed here. 5 stars for Henrik; 1 star for Hoyt. Overall, 3 stars.

H***** - 12/08/2016 3:31:30 PM

I think Henrik is cute and HOT! Love to see him paired with other twinks as Liam and Jean-Luc! A hot keeper for me!!

o****** - 12/08/2016 7:28:47 AM

Sorry I was watching beautiful Hoyt only! Poor cumshots!

g********* - 12/07/2016 12:48:28 AM

Hoyt, are my No. 1 here. The other guys doesn't do anything for me, so for me this specific coupling didn't work. But Hoyt gets my 5 stars anayway.

s******* - 12/06/2016 9:55:56 PM

Henrik certainly isn't a little average. He's stunning in every way. One of the most beautiful guys on this site.

m********** - 12/06/2016 7:38:58 PM

Henrik is beautiful, perfect body, very passionate. Looking forward to much more.

m******* - 12/06/2016 7:17:29 PM

Henrik is cute, Hoyt is splendid as always, discret, good scene, anyway fresh boys and this is good

s***** - 12/06/2016 4:30:05 PM

The person who wrote the description didn’t make a gaffe, they’re right, Henrik is average.

g********* - 12/06/2016 4:21:35 PM

In his first on screen sex scene, I felt that the lovely Henrik overcame his initial shyness and delivered a 5* performance. Beautiful Hoyt always does; his love making skills are now as impressive as his physical transformation. This was much more than a routine training scene.

S******* - 12/06/2016 12:59:18 PM

Well, first of all, I wouldn't call Henrik average-looking, - he's quite a handsome guy with a really beautiful body, - but, second of all, I don't know what a performer he is now, but in this exact scene he just looked scared and nervous, despite Hoyt doing everything possible and impossible to warm him up. So - three stars for Henrik, five for Hoyt's rare beauty and truly impressive skills of a gentlest lover of the recent BA generation, which makes four stars.

w************* - 12/06/2016 12:37:39 PM

'then still we have boys that look very average' I hardly think that Henrik falls into this category! He has a beautiful face and eyes, and his body has improved nicely since his casting. It is great to have an explanation of the boys you come across, but I am at a loss to understand some of the conclusions you come to in your selections.

r*********** - 12/06/2016 11:41:24 AM

Mmmmm, Henrick Bjorn. Welcum to the world of hotttttt sex. Bring on the DPs. Blink an eye? Never! And this is a wonderful hors d'oeuvre. Mmmmm. Lick!

s******** - 12/06/2016 10:29:56 AM

Hoyt and Henrik - if this scene were re-cast on a Viking ship with these two as young warriors covered in blood from a successful raid and celebrating with a hot fuck full of smoldering would be more perfect than this scene it stands we know Hoyt has the DNA of Thor flowing through him and Henrik is his welcome squire.

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