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Helmut Huxley & Matthieu Pique

This beautiful romantic encounter starts in the infinity pool of the Greek villa where we can observe the wet naked bodies of Helmut Huxley and Matthieu Pique. After teasing each other for a while, they leave the pool to dry themselves. Matthieu cannot hold on anymore and kneels down to take Helmut’s huge cock into his mouth. Helmut enjoys the blowjob but he doesn’t want the action to end there. He returns the favour to Matthieu and then moves on to rimming his hole. When Helmut penetrates his partner’s ass, we can see just how much Matthieu loves bottoming for big dicks. After Helmut comes, prepare yourself for Matthieu’s giant creamy load which lands all over Helmut’s face. It’s phenomenal!

Helmut Huxley
Matthieu Pique
s******* - 08/18/2022 5:50:13 AM

Helmut is still hot as hell. Matthieu sure can cum.

j********* - 04/21/2022 10:25:08 PM

Is there more to a model than just a big dick? When does a model simply get too old for Freshmen? I'm a fan of Helmut, but where is he a freshman of Middle age, perhaps? No, no, no that's cruel. He's still a good-looking man with a nice bod (too much mass added since he first arrived, for my taste), but there's no denying that he's now in his mid 20's and that's not what I thought this site was about. Pique does nothing for me. Too much mass again. Why can't Freshmen models resemble real-life 18 & 19 year olds. This constant body-morphing that goes on is too much. Look at the superstars of KA (Kevin, Jack and Andre) These guys held their shape and slowly added tone in the first few years. Only as they began to ease into their mid-20's did they start to pile on the muscle-mass. I'd love to see a mass migration to BA, less crossover of models and a whole new wave of sexy, slim, teenage lads who wanna have fun with each other. I know that this would mean a lot of work for those in scouting, casting & management, but wouldn't it be great to restore Freshmen to challenging Helix and Staxus. Anyway, I'm off to dream about a smooth Helmut fucking me into oblivion...

B****** - 04/07/2022 11:16:29 AM

How far from Santa Monica would I have to crawl to marry Helmut??? And is there anyone in Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, Mar Vista, West Hollywood (southern cal!!) who Wants their Helmut polished, I'm your guy!!!

D********* - 04/07/2022 7:09:15 AM

Helmut is sexy as hell!!

S****** - 04/04/2022 5:41:24 AM

Very nice...but only ONE scene this week? Seriously?

a***** - 03/30/2022 10:30:01 AM

What a nice fuck ­čśŹ

t********* - 03/29/2022 5:04:59 PM

Love the models (Helmut when he actually shaved his chest but Matthieu is just perfect) but hate the jack off ending.

d****** - 03/29/2022 4:48:33 PM

Matthieu has always been one of my favorite BA boys. His body is superb! I'd munch on that ass whenever possible!!! Hot, Hot, Hot!

G***** - 03/29/2022 11:07:30 AM

Helmut is still one of the hottest men in the universe

a***** - 03/29/2022 9:42:49 AM

I can't wait to watch how Matthieu takes it, both in Greece and hopefully more in Africa too. I remember we've only seen one scene.

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