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Helmut Huxley & Ethan O'Pry

Helmut Huxley and Ethan O’Pry, two very experienced models, meet up today for their first pairing in a hardcore video. As these two have known each other for quite some time, they do not waste any time before getting into each other’s pants. Helmut’s big cock is the first to be sucked before Ethan feels the pleasure of Helmut’s mouth in return. Helmut’s cock is one of the main attractions in our company and Ethan is desperate to feel it inside him. After a quick rimjob, Helmut finally penetrates Ethan’s butt from behind and starts thrusting it deeper and deeper producing moans of pleasure from Ethan. Every thrust of Helmut’s uncut cock takes us closer to climax. Ethan goes first shortly followed by Helmut’s massive load. Hopefully this won’t be the last encounter between the sexy duo.

Helmut Huxley
Ethan O'Pry
u***** - 04/07/2024 6:20:11 PM

A stellar scene with 2 beautiful and passionate lovers. Even their feet at times conveyed their pleasure!

t***** - 02/02/2024 8:07:06 AM

I always love Ethan with his longer hair and Helmut made our Ethan moan like a trooper lol.

k******* - 02/02/2024 6:18:40 AM

super hot scene.... would luv to have seen re-entry but overall super hot

M********* - 01/26/2024 12:47:23 PM

Amazing sex between beautyful guys. I like Ethan's hairstyle so much here together with his nice bodyhair too. I'm also a fan of Helmut and I like his chesthair and his restles big dick. Sure, that Ethan's hole has to rest for a few days! Thank you for this hot loveplay.

r********** - 01/25/2024 5:38:03 PM

Love their masculine, natural body hair !!! Sexy !!! So glad to see less shaving !!

w******** - 01/24/2024 3:36:05 PM

Helmut is my favourite. The face, the cock , and just the right amount of body hair

J****** - 01/24/2024 1:05:52 AM

Wonderful hot scene with two favorites :-)))))

B********* - 01/23/2024 7:11:14 PM

This is because I pay for the subscription to this site. Perfection

H***** - 01/23/2024 2:53:14 PM

Both are hot guys, just a pity Helmuth sticks his butt in the air, but we don't get to see his butt, nor his hot butthole. Neither when he tops that doesn't happen. Typical gay porn filming! Ethan has a hot butt, but far to much hair around his hole, so awfull to rim!

M****** - 01/23/2024 1:58:37 PM

I loved the no-nonsense opening as Ethan exposed Helmut's ass. Then Helmut checked out Ethan's butt. Ethan looked splended standing for his blowjob. The rimming was top-notch with adequate saliva and a clear view of the action. Helmut delivered a deep, satisfying fuck and Ethan seemed to love it. Wonderful chemistry between these two with many moments of lust and passion, not just athletics. The mirror was a nice touch, too. I'm sure Ethan's hairstyle will generate discussion; I'll just say he looked great here and the messiness of his hair gave it a bit of a wildman look, perfect for the tone of this episode.

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