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Hans Lagerfeld

Just when you thought that Hans Lagerfeld couldn’t surprise you anymore, he sits in front of the camera and reveals yet more secrets about his private life. This short interview continues erotically as Hans slowly undresses himself until he stands in front of us fully naked. His hard dick tells us there is more to come.

We hope you enjoy Hans‘ solo performance today until his very last drop of cum.

Hans Lagerfeld
d***** - 02/03/2024 5:33:28 PM

Hans, you took my breath away. You could seduce a saint. You are a total charmer, really attractive in all ways. I especially love your beautiful eyes and your freckles.

J******** - 01/31/2024 6:53:07 AM

Bild 7 und 8: Das Schlitzchen hätte es mir auch angetan! I wanna lube it!

m******* - 01/30/2024 8:22:09 PM

Please more of him, Hans is really the best, would like to se him getting fucked by Kevin

M********* - 01/30/2024 7:55:23 PM

Hot Solo, I like his bum so much!

B******** - 01/30/2024 6:18:06 PM

I agree about shaving totally. He has the body of a true young man, solid and compact. He has a gorgeous smile and I love the freckles. MMMMMMMMMMM

B***** - 01/30/2024 1:39:16 PM


v******* - 01/30/2024 12:12:12 PM

Hans is the best. He could shave his pubes totally. Then he would be even hotter :-p

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