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Greg & Elio

We have three Freshmen “Virgins” in this episode. Our final introduction is for Gregg Flynn. This scene would not be considered for one of our two main updates; however, it is fine to replace a photoset. Greg did his training as part of our “Summer in Prague” series. This was the only scene we filmed with him after that. Greg is a cute guy with an endearing collection of freckles. While he performed well for the foreplay and oral parts, he struggled a bit during the fucking. We hope you enjoy his only Freshmen outing.

Elio Chalamet
Greg Flynn
D************* - 07/27/2021 3:33:38 AM

Greg Flynn had his cherry popped. The first virgin sacrifice I've ever seen at BelAmi/ Freshmen. It was a real turn on for me. I love ❤️ Greg: I just wish he would smile more or at least look enthused and look as if he was happy to be there. Elio did a good job of breaking in the virgin. I loved the fact that both Elio and Greg was allowed to have their naturally white skin without artificially using a tanning booth. Many Northern Europeans have skin that burns red when you try to tan it in the sun. So they shouldn't be forced to tan. Besides I think white skin is a turn-on for me. I hope to see more of Greg Flynn.

a********* - 02/09/2021 7:15:56 PM

Questo regista, alle prime armi, ha rotto il cazzo.

R***** - 11/20/2020 7:24:05 PM

Greg is cute & sexy and Elio is gorgeous as usual.

d******* - 11/13/2020 11:37:36 PM

Elio with such a lovely body and sweet lips. So slim and sexy. Greg just average.

b******* - 10/16/2020 2:35:11 PM

Fun to see two-three year old videos of twinky Elio. He has become such a hot hunk. I think even sexier now.

R************ - 10/11/2020 5:18:37 PM

Elio è un leccaculo fantastico!!

V************ - 10/09/2020 3:45:42 PM

All three scenes this week were a bust for me and BAOL's scene with Jerome and Luis was also a dismal failure. We must be scrapping the pandemic bottom of the barrel or something. Yes, Greg was cute but way too skinny and clearly not cut out to bottom, or at the very least needed a lot more training in order to handle it. Here is hoping that things get better soon because surely they can't get much worse IMO.

A********** - 10/09/2020 4:36:55 AM

5 billion stars or more !!! Thank you very much and congratulations for this fantastic job !!! Perfect, awesome, wonderful !!!!

g******* - 10/09/2020 1:00:53 AM

Elio would just need to look at me and I would shoot my load. His fabulous strong body was made to look all the better in those tight trousers. Then I wish the camera would show us Elio's arse as he fucked Greg. Greg came and shot his jizz over Elio and all was well with the world.

c****** - 10/07/2020 4:28:31 AM

I love Greg. More of him , please.

w****** - 10/06/2020 11:02:20 PM

Elio, the coach who reaches the part other coaches can't reach. Many thanks to both for the only enjoyable scene on Freshmen this week. I particularly enjoyed the position where Elio fucked the prone Greg. I wish you would use this position more often. The only negative is that Greg looks uncomfortable being fucked. Presumably this is why you imply we won't be seeing more of him.

a******** - 10/06/2020 8:37:49 PM

Greg was the best looking of the newbies of this week, the one who more closer to BA standards. But I prefer the more muscular body of Rico. Louis, on the other hand, is such a downer for me: not attractive, too skinny, have filmed a lot of scenes for other studio (one was even out last week) and is not attached to sex at all. I hope next week gets better than this.

x****** - 10/06/2020 5:36:47 PM

I agree with harold686. Freshmen #209 isn't worth it.

h********* - 10/06/2020 4:00:21 PM

A real downer. Greg was a reluctant scene partner here. Heck, if Elio can’t get you turned on, then you need to pack your bags. Awful attempt at cocksucking, looked pained throughout the fucking, didn’t cum while getting fucked. Poor Elio. Three weak scenes this week, but at least Stefan and Elio were bright spots. Maybe put these two hotties together.

t***** - 10/06/2020 2:14:38 PM

The best of these 3 scenes in my opinion. The best looking couple by far. it was unfortunate for Greg's obvious discomfort but probably showed more accurately how most 'virgins' might respond their first time

P****** - 10/06/2020 1:53:28 PM

Greg is nice-looking but otherwise kind of average as a lover..

h********** - 10/06/2020 12:53:46 PM

Greg is gorgeous. I hope he will come back one day for another scene.

H***** - 10/06/2020 9:44:01 AM

This scene was dull because of the dull, boring filming and not because of a newby. I think they are an attractive couple and Greg is cute and handsome, but shy and not entirely on ease for a first time with a cock in his butt. Maybe somme more forplay and longer rimming and stretching would have done the trick. Starting with a newby is a challenge guys. So despite all I give 5* for the boys, not the camerawork.

o****** - 10/06/2020 9:30:16 AM

Dull scene! Of course Elio is cute, sexy and well-shaped as ever but his trainie seems not like sex at all.A pity for Elio...

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