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Giulio Pasolini & Serge Cavalli

In some ways, joining BelAmi is like joining a fraternity. Despite the odd spat, all of the guys really get along well together and share a common sense of humor and love of playing little jokes on each other. Giulio is the target of Serge's little joke today when he keeps sending him back to the bathroom to shave better... just to see how long his buddy will take before catching on. Once the game is over though Serge makes eveything good by treating his younger buddy to some first class fucking. The irony of Serge's joke isn't lost on us though, as Giulio may be the model with the least facial hair, but he is also has one of the fuzziest butts in the team, something that really seems to turn Serge on.

Serge Cavalli
Giulio Pasolini
F******** - 01/09/2023 2:01:56 AM

Giulio has such an exciting hairy ass mmmm

A****** - 12/20/2022 12:27:45 PM

Love the hair on Giulio!!! For those who don’t, it seems like there are a plethora of other models who are smooth that you can watch; leave him alone for those of us who appreciate hairy guys.

u******** - 10/08/2022 1:18:30 AM

Just joined FRESHMEN & this was the 1st scene I have watched. This is what I call awesome gay porn! I have viewed other gay porn, but there is no equal to this site! The camera angles during the fucking were hot as fuck! You could see full penetration from all angles----awesome camera man! GIULIO is so HOT with all his body hair----dick, asshole & legs! NEVER let him trim anywhere! Scenes like this will keep me a paying member! ( UPFORGUYS )

j********* - 06/01/2022 2:25:18 AM

Giulio is a cutie, but from the waist downwards he turns into a Centaur. So much hair. Please buy some trimmers and give them some use. Serge needs to just lose some weight and look more like a 'freshman' Cannot agree with @Saurian. If you want guys of the kind that you specify then there are plenty of sites that offer that kind of man.

m********* - 02/14/2022 1:33:31 AM

Guilio has beautiful physique almost sculptural…….just wish there was less false moaning from Sergio it’s so annoying and like a metronome……unconvincing and off putting

S****** - 02/12/2022 11:49:25 AM

Can you please let Guilio, Bart and Derek all let their chest hair grow? And let them wear beards for a few scenes? Would be nice to see them as men rather than boys just for a little while to help satisfy those of us customers who actually prefer MEN.

g******* - 02/10/2022 10:45:21 PM

They're both handsome. I am in love with Serge's cock and Giulio's hairy crotch and legs. Together, they had a good time.

J****** - 02/10/2022 1:19:37 AM

Giulio is a all-time-favorite of mine. Every new scene with him is a highlight! I particularly love his naturally hairy legs in combination with his beautiful torso and wonderful cute face. Hope to see mutch more of him in action with the other boys. I'm dreamin of a scene with him on top or in a hot FlipFlop-action.

t********* - 02/09/2022 6:15:43 AM

HATE the hair on Guilio's butt & legs but he has a cute face and could have an even better physique if he worked out. The best Guilio ever looked was when he first came to Belami and he had a deep tan. Wish he would keep a tan as he shows his handsome face to best advantage. Serge is, in a word, magnificent! LOVE his body and face. He helps to make the scene. Five stars!

b********* - 02/08/2022 8:10:56 PM

Love furry Giulio and wish Serge would have taken a hint from his buddy and dropped the razor everywhere except for his face!

D******* - 02/08/2022 4:47:36 PM

the scene i so good and with fantastic horny guys.

J********* - 02/08/2022 3:33:21 PM

I agree, with Sinjin - . YES THIS SCENE WAS HIGH LAVA!!! - I loved everything about Giulio, his furry ass and balls, his white skin, toned, rock hard makes a very nice compliment with beefy Serge - both do an amazing job, well filmed, well edited! Off the charts hot for me, never got to the end! Woof! :)

d******* - 02/08/2022 3:06:18 PM

Giulio is very lovely with nice ass to fuck and so hairy too, nice balls and sweet lips to kiss. Would love to kiss him sometime.

s******** - 02/08/2022 11:49:53 AM

Plus-Ultra-Sultry Uber-Twink Pasolini always enhances his scenes with PURE SIZZLUSCIOUSNESS!!! Please get Paolini hooked with derJorik leMoffie Allan Aimee Mr. Pip and Sven Basquiat in a 5-way all holes get filled (Pasolini gets dp'd) or Pasolini gets all the guys to pound and then leave their loads in his elegant erotic pantastic ass. YES THIS SCENE WAS HIGH LAVA!!!

b******* - 02/08/2022 10:46:42 AM

Giulio is amazing - that baby face combined with his perfect cock and hairy balls and legs.

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