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Giulio Pasolini & Jeroen Mondrian

Jeroen discovers how hard it is to complete a workout with a raging hardon. Every time Giulio sticks his butt out, Jeroen’s cock gets harder and harder. Finally, he decides he has had enough of the training and decides to expend his energy in other ways. So, after one last set of squats, ‘to firm up the ass’, Jerome embarks on his own workout regime. Both of our guys today are versatile performers, with nice fats cocks and tempting asses. It is Jeroen topping today. However, we hope that they get back together soon for a repeat performance with Giulio as top. Jeroen’s alternative workout regimen of great blowjobs, lots of rimming and deep fucking works great for Giulio as he shoots his load while Jeroen has his fat cock embedded deep within his ass.

Jeroen Mondrian
Giulio Pasolini
F******** - 01/09/2023 1:54:19 AM

I think the same about Giulio ass gon’t why it has been shaved was such a turn on for me

u******** - 10/08/2022 2:25:51 AM

Great scene except GIULIO'S hairy ass cheeks have been shaved off!!!!!!!!!!!! What a mistake on someone's part. GIULIO'S crotch hair, ass crack, ass cheeks & leg hair are a BIG turn on for me and a lot of other guys! Love to see a creampie with a cum re-entry-----must feel so good to fuck with your own cum as lube!

M****** - 05/20/2022 1:32:54 PM

I'm noticing an improvement in the capture of models' faces during sex scenes. It adds so much, especially when they keep their eyes open. These two have such charming, boyish faces that exude sexual joy and excitemet. Thank you.

l***** - 04/21/2021 8:13:55 AM

I love hairy legs ! Giulio is very sexy and I love to see him in action

D************* - 02/28/2021 9:34:57 AM

I love Giulio Pasolini in every way. I only wish he would smile more! He gave a smile right at the end and it was beautiful. I always thought making love was fun and joyous. So don't make it look so serious.

k******* - 02/10/2021 7:14:50 AM

very hot scene. luv the creampie and re-entry.

V************ - 02/08/2021 7:03:35 PM

Both are great looking guys. Giulio is great with the trimming just the way it is in this scene. However, he seemed pretty passive in much of it while he was being fucked. Have your models watch some scenes with Jim Jordan to see if they can learn how to be expressive in their pleasure. Too much time spent on overly close shots and once again no full as views of Jeroen as he is fucking Giulio. Pull the camera back and give us a full ass view of the top while he is fucking. The kissing here is pretty superficial but that tis typical of Jeroen.

b********* - 02/06/2021 8:40:22 PM

Please fix the download link! On a positive note...Giulio's gorgeous cock nestled in those beautiful fuzzy thighs are making me drool!

R************ - 01/28/2021 6:16:10 PM

Splendidi i ragazzi con i loro peli naturali!

w****** - 01/27/2021 9:52:37 PM

Houston, I hope you are going to see this. You will observe that in this scene neither was wearing anything under their shorts/pants. In some scenes models start the scene only wearing underpants. Some considerable time ago I noticed this as a pattern and, tongue in cheek, commented on it. Since then I have continued to make tongue in cheek comments in support of this pattern when evidence has appeared which backs it up. Overwhelming evidence has led me to the rule that models only wear underwear when they are wearing nothing else. Anyway, Giulio is wasted on Jeroen. I love his hairy legs.

a*********** - 01/27/2021 3:20:56 PM

This is just a nightmare.( Stop making cartoons. Leave photoshop alone !!!

b********* - 01/27/2021 6:34:13 AM

Gorgeous Giulio ALMOST made it to this scene with all of his natural body hair intact ....

m********* - 01/27/2021 2:24:08 AM

Is Giulio related to Derek C......look so similar which I a winner in my book

m***** - 01/27/2021 2:21:26 AM

Giulio is cute, but I prefer Jeroen as a bottom. Besides, no more hairy asses please! A twink bottom should have a smooth ass.

g******* - 01/26/2021 11:59:24 PM

Giulio's sweet face and hairy crotch and legs are a real turn on. He seduces Jeroen wonderfully and J responds with some powerful fucking. Loved the way Jeroen played with himself as he watched Giulio doing his workout.

t****** - 01/26/2021 4:16:01 PM

Giulio looks fine and he actually rather hairy. Giulio likely has a sex life outside of BA and doesn’t want his ass to look like a jungle. It's a shame anytime a model decides to groom himself (in any way) it has to be mentioned in every comment section. People have been grooming themselves since ancient times. It’s not a new thing lol.

h********* - 01/26/2021 4:00:20 PM

Jeroen appeared to have little interest in his beautiful, hot scene partner, almost phoning in his performance. Giulio is such a sexy hunk, his hairy legs, pits, and thick pubes are glorious. The editing was awful, and we were left with another two wasted cum shots. 5 stars for Giulio, 1 for Jeroen and the editor/director.

d******* - 01/26/2021 3:24:52 PM

Guilio so nice and hairy with lovely body too Jeroen does not seem to care much about his partner.

s******* - 01/26/2021 10:41:43 AM

Pity someone shaved Giulio's amazing hairy ass! It seems there isn't a great chemistry between these guys, but everything with the awesome Giulio is worth! He never disappoints, even in a quite standard scene like this one!

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