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Giulio Pasolini

Luke Hamill does double duty as interviewer and cameraman for his chat with Giulio Pasolini. Luke lacks the finesse possessed by GD in his questioning. However, as those who saw Giulio’s amazing debut with Bastian Dufy can attest, Giulio seems to like men who are forward and direct. Luke gets all the information he needs. 

Giulio Pasolini
a****** - 12/01/2020 9:34:38 PM

I know one thing: I really like Guilio. Affable, cute, honest, he’ll win a lot of guys’ hearts. Kudos to the the interviewer; he made the natural Guilin open up on a variety of topics. Look forward to seeing this handsome guy in many more episodes!

h********* - 08/24/2020 12:37:39 AM

What a sexy guy! And a very cute personality, too. He clearly loves cock, especially when it is in his hungry hole. Lots more of this hot babe!

K***** - 06/28/2020 8:09:35 PM

Why was this guy allowed to keep his clothes on while being interviewed ? This is not BA and FM tradition.

R***** - 06/22/2020 5:15:44 PM

Giulio is a gorgeous, sexy cutie. I love his sey body; his cute, boyish face and his kissable lips. I always love the interviews with Bel Ami Models and hearing them speak and seeing their personalities. I was captivated by Giulio from the very beginning and could watch and listen to him for hours; even fully clothed. He looked so cute and innocent as he took off his t-shirt to reveal his sexy chest; and when he was shyly biting his lip; I was instantly stiff. I also loved his fuckable hairy ass; his hairy legs and his delicious suckable cock and cum filled balls..

P****** - 05/26/2020 10:20:58 PM

Hair or no hair, he looks like a little kid here.

w****** - 05/22/2020 11:11:14 PM

Giulio comes across as having a lovely personality and his striptease certainly made me hard. As with Kristian, please keep him at least two metres from anyone who might be carrying a razor.

t********* - 05/21/2020 10:02:56 AM

To each his own. For me, I 100% DISAGREE with tifame66 and decani01 -- the hairiness and butt-white skin of Guilio in this scene is a BIG turnoff. When Guilio shaved and got a tan, he can be a captivating model as he is very engaging and has had some torrid scenes. Were Belami to become Falcon with tattooed and hairy and pale-white skinned models, I would reluctantly end my BA membership, which I have had off and on (as I moved around the country) since George started out in 1993. The brand was tan, smooth-skinned and athletic young men,.not the opposite.

D******* - 05/21/2020 9:50:29 AM

I agree 100% with tifame66 about body hair, and the models that he names.

R************ - 05/20/2020 6:52:49 PM

Ragazzo splendido con tutto il suo pelame intatto!!! Finalmente un ragazzo simpatico su cui sarebbe piacevole tuffarsi ed accarezzare il suo corpo con i suoi peli deliziosi!!!

b***** - 05/20/2020 12:39:00 PM

I would not mind having Giulio for my next door neighbour, he comes across as a very pleasant guy and certainly is very pleasant to look at. It is a pity we get to see so little of his naked body, especially that impressive bum of his, but I hope there are many scenes to come where we will see more of him.

t******* - 05/20/2020 5:42:12 AM

I was about to give up... but if it"s Belami's new policy to showcase its models with their body hair intact (like with Broyard, Bresson and Pasolini) and not turn them into pre-pubescent ken dolls (as it has been the case for much too long), I'm definitely renewing my membership! Here's hoping.

d******* - 05/20/2020 1:04:23 AM

Hi Giulio you are so sexy and huggable with that lovely body, sweet lips to kiss, , dark eyes. you are a doll you should write me sometime as all I speak is your favorite ENGLISH !! Think what U could learn that is all I know some Spanish but English is my main language. Take care Sexy!!

g******* - 05/19/2020 11:18:42 PM

A wonder boy! Honest, open and very sexy.

D************* - 05/19/2020 10:36:51 PM

Giulio Pasolini has given me a new reason for living. I hope he realizes how much his fans love him (I love him)! His films with Timothy Blue and the one with Bastian Duffy are the greatest. I would love to tongue kiss with Giulio. He is just so lovable. If you have more sex scenes with Giulio, please release them. His fans need to see more of him. Perhaps even another photo-shoot. Giulio is the best!

a***** - 05/19/2020 8:14:23 PM

Lovely ! So Giulio is a mason, huh ? Wish I could see him in action ! :P And I certainly love his comparison when he cums with a dick in his ass, thanks Luke for the right question, this explains how good the two scenes were, that said now I wanna see him fucked again and again. (Hope you have a few in stock !) Another thing, to be honest, the manner Luke asked question is a bit stiff I think compared to say Kevin, but still this is a good one ! I know you have more of Giulio, please keep em coming !

d*** - 05/19/2020 3:35:45 PM

Giulio Pasolini is another dark haired perfect young man. He looks so huggable. I am dying over his hairy legs and ass. I look forward to more of Giulio...😍..d.r.

s******** - 05/19/2020 2:25:24 PM


a********* - 05/19/2020 1:03:22 PM

Ragazzo meraviglioso.

s******** - 05/19/2020 9:32:04 AM

SHEER UTTER PERFECTION...SO SO DAMN GORGEOUS...TRULY BEAUTIFUL...all that and a mason plus so so very sensitive and sensible...adore the mix of practical skill and his high emotional intelligence...VIVA IL PASOLINI...vini vici vidi - conquers the heart and HIS EYES and LIPS....aieeee just so damn gorgeous.

o****** - 05/19/2020 9:20:12 AM

Wonderful boy! Want to watch a true complete solo… His hair body is a treasure! Keep the monster razor far away...

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