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Gino Mosca Miguel Estevez part 2

Geoffrey, and other extremely observant members, will perhaps get a sense of déjà vu when viewing this scene. This is because Miguel filmed in this same Cape Town location last month- then partnered with Claude. That scene was shot by Luke and this, more elaborate flip flop, was filmed by Marty. This was an ideal way to show you Miguel’s progress as a performer.
GD’s note: Miguel has only filmed a few scenes here at Freshmen. So, I was surprised to read some complaints about his supposed over-use. I hope those that share this concern will be relieved to know this is his last scene for Freshmen as he has graduated to BelAmiOnline.

Gino Mosca
Miguel Estevez
d******* - 02/05/2020 1:17:03 PM

Miguel so gorgeous with those BROWN EYES, big dick and Gino with nice cock to fuck Miguel.

v******* - 04/29/2017 6:38:04 PM

Wow! Limitless perfection. Gino never goes stale. You are, and we are endlessly blessed by this incredible man. Never stop filming him.

a********* - 04/29/2017 2:02:51 PM

💜 A great example of film monotony on both parts, more like the fixed frame of a pre-installed watch video camera... Fortunately, the two guys are loud with an extravagant beauty. I recommend fast forward to avoid falling asleep.

p***** - 04/29/2017 8:28:54 AM

This is true BelAmi quality. Handsome faces & hot bodies. Not like much of Freshman where most guys have hot bodies but average or, frankly, odd faces. I think George has deviated from his standards lately. He's throwing us a bunch of guys at us and letting us decide who are the stars. That leaves us with a lot of mediocre talent to sift thru. George, that's your job. If you can't present me with pretty boys with hot bodies and big dicks like you have in the past and like this sex scene, I'll move one to another site. Ths scene is the bomb. George, I want more of this.

o****** - 04/28/2017 7:24:09 AM

Just a bit better scene! But if Gino is perfect, the beautiful Miguel lacks, alas, enthusiasm and sexual vitality...Yes Gino's hairy chest and bulging nipples are to die for... his cumshot abundant...4* for him

t********* - 04/27/2017 9:32:39 AM

I waited to comment after watching both scenes and thinking heedfully about each. Firstly, the videography is stunning and you can tell that Marty's wonderful eye was the directorial vision. Secondly, Gino -- who surprisingly to me seems to be perceived as the more handsome of the two models -- is indeed exquisitely handsome. His face is beautiful, his nipples (WHICH I THINK BELAMI NEGLECTS as I think Gino has the BEST nipples at the studio BUT NO ONE seems to want to suck, kiss & lick them as they deserve) & chest are amazing and his overall muscularity is very attractive. Having said that, upon reflection I agree that scene one lacks passion and I think the fault lies with Gino's mechanical and constrained performance, despite Marty's best efforts I am sure. This is best evidenced by Gino's almost fake attempt at kissing, never once engaging in tongue. It is a dissociative or very detached engagement. I agree with Sbba96 and Sidemoon that the second part is better, in part because Gino finally comes alive as top, actually French kissing Miguel and seemingly enjoying the anal sex doggie style. Thirdly, the mutual facial jerkoff -- which had BOTH models WINCING in anticipation, was awful & a huge letdown instead of a fuck scene leading to the top fucking the bottom to orgasm & ejaculation. I definitely see what GD sees -- Miguel is a unvarnished jewel. But, he does not yet exhibit any passion (much like Gino in Part 1) & does not seem to be actively enjoying the sex, which is key to an authentic performance translating into the kind of heat Brian fucking Antony generated in the much anticipated upcoming clip. GD, please do not give up on the beautiful Miguel. He can become a big star but he has got to bring his sexual desire to the scene and not leave it at home, as he has done in this scene. Of the 3 scenes of Miguel so far shown on either site, only his scene with Kris seemed to evoke any desire in him. This has got to change. Four stars for both parts, although the second is closer to 4.5.

N******** - 04/26/2017 12:10:14 PM

I was rather disappointed by Miguel's lack lustre performance. He looks good but seems very hesitant, has George seen something more in him that we've yet to see? I hope so. Gino is of course fabulous, and he's never looked In better shape and I agree 100% with sirogiri, the chest hair is very sexy indeed!

s******* - 04/26/2017 9:33:25 AM

Besides I love this couple and enjoyed particularly this vid, I find Gino's hairy chest a definitive turn on!

t********* - 04/26/2017 4:47:06 AM

Gino is fine as ever. Miguel is extremely good looking but deceiving as a performer...what a pity...not only his limp cock but his atitude... I wish and hope he'll be evolving at Belami.. he's got all it takes except enthousiasm and liking of sex

A********** - 04/26/2017 2:25:45 AM

Gino is perfect again, fantastic, for me enough for 10 or more stars. Miguel is handsome, sexy, with nice body, but his not hard cock is a problem...... he is not "ON" even with the wonderful "magic" Gino with him..

r*********** - 04/25/2017 11:44:52 PM

Nice Woollies cushions on the couch and the nguni skin on the floor. The other great part is that Miguel won't appear here again. This is good. Thank you George. The star rankings for this and Part 1 of this flip-flop pair of movies say it all. More flop than flip.

o******** - 04/25/2017 7:41:20 PM

Nothing to watch on Freshman this week. Both 1 & 2 are total bummers. Give Miguel some Viagra.

m******* - 04/25/2017 7:11:41 PM

ditto what I said about Miguel in the first of these 2 scenes. Gino and Miguel are sensual and sexual, and great showmen which makes them great Freshmen. Up my ditto from the first scene and add 5 stars for quality and assurance.

s***** - 04/25/2017 11:58:10 AM

I was anticipating a similar scene to part 1. However, part 2 is much better and enjoyable. There is a sensuality there that just wasn't present in part 1. I hope Miguel can progress into becoming a more confident porn actor, as at times it looks like he's lost the will to live. 😂 I will miss seeing the lovely and handsome Miguel on the freshmen site.

S******* - 04/25/2017 11:54:46 AM

I agree with Sb, - the second part definitely was much better than the first one, - at least, I wasn't feeling asleep while watching it, and it seems to me that the guys were really enjoying each other this time. Still only four stars for Gino's hairy chest, though. ;)))))))))

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