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Gene Allen & Pierce Harrington

Sometimes it is good to take a day off and not worry about a thing. Gene Allen decides to do just this, playing on his game console and trying not to disturb Pierce Harrington who is sleeping next to him. When Pierce wakes up, he is happy staying in bed but wants to play a more exciting game. Pierce initiates the action by sucking Gene’s massive cock, then his friend returns the favor. Gene’s ass gets an intense rimjob before Pierce slides his hard manhood inside. The boys get to try out all their favorite positions until Gene cannot hold it back anymore and shoots a nice load over him. Finally, Pierce gifts Gene’s butt a well-deserved sticky reward.

Pierce Harrington
Gene Allen
M****** - 01/14/2024 8:08:45 PM

I loved seeing Gene on his back in the pretzel position. Made for great asshole display and fine rimming. I wish we'd seen Gene in that position again for the missionary fucking, perhaps at the edge of the bed so Pierce could fuck while standing. I wish there were more shots of Pierce's ass while fucking -- that's one tight little bum and it probably looked hot flexing and pumping.

M*************** - 12/07/2023 2:53:29 AM

I have Parkinson, so I have to talk into the phone and it always comes out like I have the worst grammar and it puts in the wrong words I had to erase the whole thing it was embarrassing. So short and sweet these two have great chemistry together what great lovemaking What great cocks and balls both of them have and I have to say a little surprised that Gene has been bottoming so much. I imagine because he’s been paired with some real experts, who really know how to drive their dicks down and Gene has realized the absolute pleasure being a bottom can be. Gene also has to be one of the hottest recruits. This studio has had in a long time. I love his disheveled, skateboarder surfer look refreshing to have who undoubtably will be one of the top models not look like he just came out of Chanel and just had a $300 haircut without a hair out of place, perfect and that’s not is and that makes even sexier if that was possible. Thank you for bringing us Gene and mixing it up a little bit good call but I bet it wasn’t yours. There is no way he would have gotten past his introductory scene without coming back all Glammed up unless Gene insisted it be written into his contract that he’d be allowed to maintain his look at his identity, hot, hot, hot or he wouldn’t be here there are a lot of other studios that would be more than happy to have him and he knows that so I guess he had a little leverage, and he was right and I think the powers should be probably going to thank him for it . Well done I’m exhausted.

d******* - 11/06/2023 2:15:58 PM

Pierce shows Gene how it is done and good too.

M********* - 09/29/2023 7:58:18 PM

Amazing, moore of this two stunning young men please.

B***** - 09/27/2023 4:42:00 PM


g******* - 09/27/2023 1:19:37 AM

They are really hot together and it's the second time we have seen them fuck. I love Gene's furry chest and thick cock while Pierce has just fabulous balls. The chemistry was great.

b********* - 09/26/2023 7:32:50 PM

Pierce has incredible balls! : )

J********* - 09/26/2023 3:13:11 PM

Hor, sexy, and amazing! Pierce and Gene need more scenes - great performances! Love them both!!!

l********** - 09/26/2023 2:01:54 PM

Gene Allen - another one who does not know how to shave his chin and face properly before the show. Is the only shaver in the freshmen studio broken or does nobdy care to check the models before action?

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