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Gene Allen & Clint Newman

Gene Allen had his first appearance on the website in March this year and now we have the pleasure to bring him back to you in a more explicit video. Tony Zuko has a new role as cameraman and Gene and Clint Newton will be his first couple. The boys jump in front of Tony’s camera and immediately start making out. Tony doesn’t need to guide them, they just enjoy themselves, which is exactly what we want to see. Clint is the more experienced model today, so he takes the lead and guides Gene throughout. After mutual blowjobs, Clint dedicates some time to preparing Gene for his first bottoming experience. After Clint introduces his hard cock into Gene’s ass, we can hear Gene asking Clint to slow down. As the action continues, Gene starts to want more, sitting on Clint’s dick and riding him before shooting his load all over the sheets. Clint flips Gene on his back and fucks his ass until he cums all over his buddy.

Clint Newman
Gene Allen
M*************** - 12/07/2023 4:28:22 AM

Gene is a hott stud and I like how he looks like he hasn’t just stepped out of Beverly Hills after a complete makeover rather a skate board or football match and still even hotter. Clint is a stud too. Wrap them both up and place them under the tree. Would you guys do us all a big favor? Did Gene piss someone off the day his profile picture was taken or what? How can you do that to the future BA star. Awful

T****** - 06/04/2023 3:30:26 PM

Gene is a really handsome guy and does a great job in this scene. I hope he does a lot more.

c********** - 05/29/2023 3:05:09 PM

Gene is a natural, love to see more of him!

K***** - 05/29/2023 12:28:08 PM

Gene needs more training, especially in sucking Dick. He barely had the head of Clint’s Cock in his mouth.

G******* - 05/27/2023 1:41:07 PM

Gene is a star, the way he takes dick here shows his talent. His body & face are amazing. More of him please! Clint did a good job topping Gene, but Gene stole the show.

g******* - 05/27/2023 3:33:47 AM

Great to see two boys really enjoying their sex together. Clint has a lovely big cock.

f******** - 05/24/2023 3:18:36 AM

Lots of fun. I don't know if it was Gene's first time getting fucked on camera, but he does well and offers himself nicely. His taint and his hole and his inner thighs are delicious and smooth and sensual. And Clint! His grin and smile are delightful. He has found a new game and toy which are more fun than any he ever had before - his hard young cock and his partner's snug, moist bussy. The shot of Clint's cock penetrating Gene's hole is very well done, slow and close and sensual. By the time Gene rides Clint, his hole has been loosened, and he can take the full cock without difficulty. When Gene comes in second position, Clint has to look around and see the cum he has pounded out of Gene. He is extremely proud of his fucking prowess, and his grin is enormous. "Look what I did!" Good for you. And good for Gene for being such a good, compliant, sexy partner.

w****** - 05/23/2023 10:27:38 PM

5 stars for Gene's lovely bush. 0 stars for Clint's shaved pubis.

b********* - 05/23/2023 8:08:49 PM

Would like to see more Clint! I really enjoyed those somewhat random summer episodes in which he starred.

B***** - 05/23/2023 4:45:55 PM

Beautiful ..... Gene a real turn on!

C******* - 05/23/2023 3:35:03 PM

Very hot!

d******* - 05/23/2023 2:58:02 PM

Clint really gives Gene a nice blow job. 😎😎😎😎

J******** - 05/23/2023 1:35:21 PM

Ich liebe es wie er bei 20_29 den Samen aus der Eichel über die Vorhaut schiebt -genau mein Ding- so geil!

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