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Gene Allen & Ashton Montana

Gene Allen is challenged by Ashton Montana to go for a run in the beautiful streets of Bratislava. After they return, Ashton loses no time in seducing Gene who is expecting a payback for his morning efforts. Gene’s hard dick is generously taken care of by Ashton before they swap roles and Ashton stuffs Gene’s mouth with his massive cock in return. When the time comes, Ashton sits on his friend’s face and enjoys an intense rimjob before sitting on Gene’s rock-hard dick. Riding a cock is Ashton’s favorite hobby but Gene seems to enjoy it as well. Next, Gene takes the lead and Ashton accepts everything he is given, the deeper, the better. The couple climax with volcanic cumshots to conclude a session that was much more challenging than expected, especially for sweaty Gene.

Ashton Montana
Gene Allen
d******** - 06/05/2024 11:45:35 AM

It's quite funny, isn't it - we are all different. TWICE one guy offers his beautiful armpits to the other - and the second guy has no interest. ME - I would have licked them in a heartbeat!

A******* - 04/28/2024 2:56:18 PM

2 very hot guys in a very hot scene. Ashton does look younger with the shorter hair, but looks great either way. They’re both really good looking guys. A fabulous pairing.

C***** - 03/25/2024 12:26:06 PM

Asthon ist und bleibt mein Favorit.

F***** - 03/17/2024 4:46:32 AM

You know someone is tall if they have to duck through a doorway!

t****** - 03/16/2024 3:52:56 PM

Fabulous! What a fine pairing, Ashton and Gene...

V************ - 03/13/2024 5:24:55 PM

I love that the cameramen are finally pulling back and givyng us full ass views of the tops fucking from underneath instead of just uber close ups. Something I have advocated for for a long time. I also agree that Ashton looks much younger here, perhaps the haircut, or maybe he has lost some weight in the face. Not sure, but he looks really good hear. Both models are great looking. An interesting ass eating segment. Well done!

b******* - 03/13/2024 12:07:15 PM

Omg- es ist so geil, wie bei 22:50 das schneeweiße Sperma aus dem Schwanz, dessen Eichel vom festen Zustoßen knallrot ist, auf Ashtons enges Loch spritzt. Ich wünschte, Gene würde noch einmal in Ashton eindringen!

t****** - 03/13/2024 6:03:57 AM

My favourite hobby is watching Ashton riding his partners :) Always pleasure to watch him in action.

M*************** - 03/13/2024 5:04:29 AM

Fantastic and HOTTTT. Ashton and Gene look so incredible together. Gene and Ashton have both never looked better than in this scene. Extraordinary handsome gorgeous young men.

H***** - 03/12/2024 10:41:51 PM

My oh my, Ashton has the hottest asshole on Freshmennet and BA. He's so cute and hot. Love him. Love his haircut, makes him even hotter and younger!

n***** - 03/12/2024 2:37:41 PM

Ditto all the comments thus far, however, B.A. George, let's get to changing up the scene from the same old fuck and pullout to climax on either the back or the chest. Perhaps a true BREEDING scene for the future as you did in the old days of B.A. when we had a BREEDING scene every now and then. What do you guys think who like me pay for this subscription to BA???????????

b******* - 03/12/2024 12:32:31 PM

Ashton is my favorite tall bottom! He's never had a bad scene and loves to take dick, really can't find fault in that

J******* - 03/12/2024 12:03:58 PM

Two beautiful all natural guys with uncut cocks and no tattoos! I think I've found a piece of heaven. 100% yes on this pairing and scene!

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