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Frederick Perin & Christian Lundgren

In today’s video we take a peek into the sex life of Frederick Perin. Luke Hamill believes he has the privilege of shooting Frederick’s first porn video but this is actually not the case. Frederick joined our company when he was still a virgin and had zero sexual experience. Before we could consider him for a shoot, we presented him to Rhys Jagger. Rhys seduced Frederick and stole his virginity the very first night they met. After that, Frederick took part in some film training where he met Kevin Warhol and Phillipe Gaudin. You can see one of these sessions in issue 285 with Yannis Paluan by his side. After the training, we handed Frederick to Luke who took charge of his first official video. This is just a little story to explain Luke’s confusion. Now, you can sit back and enjoy Frederick Perin getting fucked by the stunning Christian Lundgren. Their beautiful lovemaking climaxes with Frederick’s endless cumshot straight into Christian's mouth. Enjoy!

Christian Lundgren
Frederick Perin
a***** - 08/29/2022 4:09:21 PM

I guess you did mention everything and I forgot ­čĄú Sorry! But I'm glad you did. Shame the training wasn't recorded!

g******* - 08/21/2022 10:34:17 AM

Totally in love with Frederick! Bring him back, PLEASE.

R***** - 08/03/2022 3:13:49 PM

Frederick is adorable; with a cute, boyish face; sexy slim fit, toned body and a wonderful big dick. Being a little bit nervous makes Frederck even sexier. So hot seeing then sucking each others tasty cocks; before sexy Christian fucks the newbies ass and splashes his cum over his furry hole. Christian loved sucking Frederick's big dick to a creamy orgasm and lapping up every drop of tasty cum.

s****** - 05/17/2022 6:15:45 AM

I would love to be topped by Christian. He is so beautiful!

t********* - 04/25/2022 12:15:43 AM

Christian is breathtakingly beautiful as always and Frederick's cumshot was awesome. However, I am no fan of Frederick's nipple hair.

g******* - 04/23/2022 6:16:53 AM

The handsome Frederick being beautifully looked after by the legendary Christian. Who could want for more?

m****** - 04/23/2022 2:17:02 AM

A definite keeper, please convince him to stick around for longer than just two scenes

t***** - 04/22/2022 9:17:43 AM

Very sexy.

d******* - 04/21/2022 9:24:20 AM

To Past versus Future you my love will learn and listen to Christian as he ia a professional and very cute too. He has always been one of my favorites and he will teach you how to kiss, suck, use your tongue and fuck ass too. Christian is a living doll.. Now Frederick you are Future!!

b******* - 04/20/2022 1:01:00 PM

I agree with Sirogiri that Frederick enjoys what he is doing. I find it very sexy when an inexperienced boy with a hairy body and huge cock gives himself willingly and eagerly to his partner., and Frederick does this with a considerable amount of charm.

w****** - 04/19/2022 10:22:04 PM

It looks like Luke has been running his lawnmower over Frederick's ass. I wish he would stop doing that. Many thanks and lots of love to both. I am very eager to see Frederick as a top.

s******* - 04/19/2022 9:12:43 PM

Frederick is a true gem. At first sight he doesn't have a "star look", but then he shows such a sensuality, a desire for his partner's body, a self abandon that are really intriguing. He likes what he's doing much more than many other guys here. Said that, I wish he had better partners, who care more of him, and can answer his avances. Both Yannis in the other scene and here Christian look a bit too detached. They do professionally their job, but I'd like to see Frederick paired with someone who can take the best from him. Surely his experiences with Kevin and Rhis must have been more rewarding to him. Can't wait for the next scene! I hope there will be many of them!

s******** - 04/19/2022 9:45:00 AM

Frederick Perin ist der Spitze Plus Ultra sizzlicious twink along with El Jorik and The Moffie and L'Aimee. Get them zusammen for some hochkrieging bueno opem-air bumsen in the honeyed dionysian gardens of KinkyAngelsCastle,

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