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Frederick Perin

It has been a while in coming, but are very happy to be able to formally introduce you all to Frederick Perin. Freddy is the perfect package for Freshmen, Youthful, handsome and oversexed. I hope you are all looking forward to seeing more of Frederick as we are.

a****** - 01/24/2023 5:59:35 PM

Fantastic Frederic. He is so cute. And I like lean guys with big cocks - and Frederic’s cock is magnificent. Hope we see many more scenes of this handsome guy!

r*********** - 01/24/2023 11:26:06 AM

Stunning. Such a cutie.

m****** - 04/23/2022 2:15:18 AM

Why no solo introductory video? I would've loved to watch him play with that thing

e****** - 03/26/2022 1:52:31 AM

Absolutely stunning! Rejoined just for him! ❤️

M********* - 02/28/2022 4:44:52 PM

Yes, a little bit boyisch but very cute and sexy. His body-hair is perfect, I like the hair under his armpits and his butt and over his massive dick. Hope to see Frederick in a solo with cumcuvert dickhead and then as bottom.

c****** - 02/27/2022 1:01:11 AM

I had given up on seeing Frederick outside F4F. Nice to see him on the video side and hope there's a lot more to come.

t********* - 02/26/2022 2:48:53 AM

The hair police should be delighted his belly is hairy and appeased. So, please give the opposing camp a very small victory in getting Freddy to shave that very unappealing hair encircling his nipples, PLEASE. I would prefer he shave the hair in the center of the chest but will even stay silent on that if we can just get the ugly nipple hair gone. It would be GREAT if you could get Paolo Arreola back to bottom for Freddy. Never seen such thick pecs as Paolo (make sure he shaves his chest) and would LOVE to see Freddy fuck him until Paolo cums first.

F***** - 02/25/2022 10:06:47 PM

Whay a magnificent young man, with the right amount of body hair :-)

S********* - 02/25/2022 9:08:21 AM

I like him a lot. A very sexy and beautiful man. I hope to see a lot more of him.

c***** - 02/24/2022 6:53:13 PM

I just adore Frederick, and these photos ae excellent, I love every one of them!! Frederick you have been worth the very long wait. I'm so pleased to read that their is more of you to come. What a beauty you are.

J******* - 02/24/2022 4:00:02 AM

It certainly has been a while; his casting video was posted in 2017. I hope there is a vast treasure trove of videos accumulated since then.

D******* - 02/23/2022 8:03:27 AM

Please do not let the razor anywhere near him.

b********* - 02/23/2022 7:23:51 AM

What an attractive young man with a perfect pair of balls. Thanks so much for keeping the razor away from him!

g******* - 02/22/2022 10:25:58 PM

Finally! More of him, PLEASE.

d******* - 02/22/2022 8:52:57 PM

Oh so sexy and what a body!!

m***** - 02/22/2022 8:37:14 PM

Drop dead gorgeous!

b******** - 02/22/2022 7:43:26 PM

beautiful hairy asscrack. I hope Frederick never shaves it

A******** - 02/22/2022 7:22:46 PM

I like him very much! Wonderfull dick😁 Hope to see him soon in a nasty scene.

k***** - 02/22/2022 7:09:44 PM

Very hot. Plz don't let the razors find him!

b******* - 02/22/2022 1:31:01 PM

He has great character and oozes sexiness. It's a tribute to him that he can hold one's attention in 25 photos without showing his hard cock. I can't wait to see him in action.

P****** - 02/22/2022 1:30:30 PM

Too twinky for me. Not a fan.

p***** - 02/22/2022 1:02:54 PM

After such a long wait, he is quite irresistible

R******** - 02/22/2022 12:17:15 PM

So cute and sexy. hope to see a nice scene with him some time soon.

G******* - 02/22/2022 11:21:59 AM

Twink perfection, with the requisite massive dick and a lovely hairy ass as a bonus. More please, and do not start having him shave his ass - that would be a huge waste!

J******** - 02/22/2022 9:09:53 AM

So tremendously sexy this youngster with that overwhelming lovetrail!

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