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Freddy with Jorik John

The twinkiest of our team's twinks are challenged by some of the more mature boys to show what they can do. Jorik Tautou, Freddy McQueen and John Leto are all not only super cute but also very passionate. You only have to look in their eyes. The challenge accepted, the three youngsters start kissing each other and initiate a blowjob session. They fill each other's mouths with their juicy cocks before moving on to rimming.

Jorik is first to fuck Freddy’s ass while John continues to fill his mouth. When Freddy gets on all fours, John starts fucking him from behind, feeling the tightness of his ass. John is the lucky top today, after fucking Freddy, Jorik sits on his hard cock whilst sucking Freddy’s cock. This sexually charged three-way is only over when all three twinks have climaxed, having proved to us all they can fuck first class.

John Leto
Jorik Tautou
Freddy McQueen
u***** - 04/23/2024 7:40:32 AM

An absolutely sensual scene. Three wonderfully lovable and gorgeous young men who exude their fondness, passion, and sexuality for each other.truly, highly erotic scene worth repeated viewing.

b******* - 02/23/2024 8:30:17 AM

Omg, das sin drei hübsche junge Männer! Ich frage mich, ob Freddy’s enges Loch von beiden Schwänzen seiner Freunde penetriert werden könnte?

g******* - 02/04/2024 11:25:49 AM

Great scene, an absolute dream team!

M****** - 01/16/2024 3:30:04 AM

Such cheeky boys. My favorite segment was the double rim train (John rimming Jorik as Jorik rimmed Freddy). Has that ever happened before in a BA scene? I was also pleased with Jorik as he topped Freddy in the missionary. Some nice deep strokes. Re: ageism -- seemed like good-natured teasing to me, especially when it was revealed WHO the "old men" are (Andrei, Jeff, and Jens in a cute cameo). Still, you're probably best off avoiding any disparagement of older males, even when it's just in fun.

d******* - 11/06/2023 12:18:29 AM

All three so lovely.

b******* - 11/03/2023 11:33:46 AM

Hot but not a fan of any gay guys trashing other guys for being "older".

g******* - 11/01/2023 1:30:44 AM

Stunning and with three totally beautiful boys. Loved seeing John cum all over his lover's face and then another memorable orgasm from Jorik.

t***** - 10/30/2023 8:23:05 AM

A great scene and nice to see pubes not trimmed too much and arse holes with trimmed hair as well. These days everyone has to shave everything off, which gets boring, as they all then look the same close up etc. There is far too much shaving everything off. This was an excellent threesome.

p*********** - 10/28/2023 6:30:14 PM

These hairy asses are a TOTAL turn-on for me. Just incredibly manly and sexy!!

j********* - 10/28/2023 5:32:46 PM

I have to agree with @boxwood, both Freddy and John really need to get some gardeners in to do some heavy-duty pruning in their back gardens. Have we ever had a Leto/Jorik flip-flop? I certainly can't find one. To have those two cuties with their big torpedo cocks go at each other would be special. The edit at 14:14 is ridiculously clumsy. We're seeing an increasing number of cum dribbles recently. Can the studio not issue a ban on cumming for 24 hours prior to a shoot? Of course, we barely get to see Freddy's cum-shot as the camera's in the next room! Freddy's face beforehand is just beautiful. Shot of the scene? The very opening with Jorik's gorgeous bulge in that underwear. Hard to believe that Jorik has been with us for nearly two years now.

t********* - 10/28/2023 6:43:48 AM

Good scene! ❤️❤️

b****** - 10/26/2023 11:01:49 PM

Sorry but these hairy asses are a total turn-off for me.

w****** - 10/24/2023 9:51:18 PM

I loved the teasing of the "old guard" but I hope there was no real malice or disrespect intended. A documentary series with these three and some of the other new recruits would be very welcome. Many thanks and lots of love to all three.

j********* - 10/24/2023 5:51:54 PM

I have never left negative review of a freshman vidoe till now. I think Freddie, John and Jorik were poorly served by the director, photographer and editor in this sequence. It lacked passion an dintensity. The camera was too far away when Freddie came in Jorik's mouth and there was plenty of time afterwards for a close up but that did not happen. Jorik, who is famous for legendary gusher cum shots barely came at all and the same was true of John. I felt the scene was rushed and mechanical as if they were doing the scenes by the numbers. I'm a great fan of Jorik and Freddie - it's always nice to see them naked and performing but this entire episode was not up to usual snuff. I do not hold them responsible for bad shooting, directorial or photographic decisions. I also found the begining of the episode to be nauseatingly and offensively ageist and that may have set the toen for my reaction. Sorry, with no reflection on Jorik, Freddie or John, I must give this episode 1 star for effort.

t****** - 10/24/2023 4:14:29 PM

Superb! I cant get enough of cute youg Freddie McQueen

f******** - 10/24/2023 2:48:48 PM

Three cute boys willing and able to do anything. Pity. Not a single transition or set-up in the whole film. Freddy is getting fucked in one position, and then suddenly the next frame has him in a different position, then with no transition he is being fucked by someone else, then with no set-up Jorik is being fucked, etc. etc. All the interactions of the boys, naked, moving around and trying new things, are omitted. As for looks, Jorik has a nice body but needs to shave off part of the top of his pubic area, way too large for his size. Freddy is in a middle period and looks kind of goofy. At this stage, he needs to shave his taint and his upper inner thighs and trim the sides of his pubes. He has a tuft here and a tuft there and he looks kind of mangy, and it would be much better shaved for now. Later he can show it all. And suddenly they are all in a different position and cumming. Needs transitions and set-ups. Needs a director and better editor.

p********** - 10/24/2023 11:37:44 AM

the dream team!

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