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Freddy McQueen & Tom Houston

The tremendously sensual, utterly irresistible Freddy McQueen is challenged by Tom Houston to dive into a pool. His swimming skills might not be perfect but his wet body and nice round ass are close to perfection. After the dive, Tom convinces young Freddy to join him in his room for some fun in bed. Freddy is something of a „bottom trophy“ among the boys, his delicious ass and sex drive a dream for every top. Tom is finally left alone with Freddy and he is keen to make the most of it. Freddy is well aware of Tom’s reputation so his expectations are high. Without doubt, Tom and Freddy are one of the most compatible couples from our current generation and we think you will enjoy this encounter as much as the boys themselves.

Tom Houston
Freddy McQueen
g******* - 02/24/2024 10:23:52 AM

A perfect couple!

s****** - 02/19/2024 10:58:05 PM

Trop beaux ces gars là !!! Oû esce que Belami et/ou Freshmen trouvent d'aussi beaux garçons ...

a****** - 02/18/2024 7:57:15 AM

Tom continues to be insanely hot and Freddy is an adorable and sensual hottie, too. Tom's blue eye are dreamy and Freddy's mouth/lips are delicious. Both are superstars.

k******* - 02/17/2024 8:12:12 PM

super hot scene....

C***** - 02/16/2024 4:39:16 PM

Tom and Freddy are unbeatable. I love Tom's eyes and Freddy's laugh. the fuck is cool and hot.

b******* - 02/16/2024 7:58:23 AM

Ich liebe es, wie Tom bei 13:15 mit seinem steinharten Schwanz in Freddys enges Loch eindringt. WOW. Freddy ist so hübsch, man möchte ihn den ganzen Tag ficken!

g******* - 02/15/2024 10:54:07 PM

Two amazingly beautiful guys. Love the close up of the cum shooting out of Tom's sexy cock.

A******* - 02/14/2024 1:45:46 AM

Great scene. 2 beautiful guys. A newbie & an experienced hottie.

b******* - 02/14/2024 1:22:40 AM

We need for Freddy please! He's the superstar in Freshmen and Bel Ami (IMHO)

j********* - 02/13/2024 11:04:06 PM

Freddy has to be the most beautiful 'boy' in the current roster, followed very closely by Tom who now seems to be doing a very fine facial tribute to the young Johan Paulik. Just look at the close up at approx. 08:05. We really should keep him indoors as those eyes will cause an increase in global warming. So Hot! Freddy is such a bouncy young chap and I'm surprised that, as he takes such care of his body and weight, he doesn't take a trimmer to his pubic area. No need to shave completely, although that would be REALLY sexy, but a trim and a little shaping would be nice. Sadly, if Tom's chest hair gets much more visible and he does a Helmut, then I'll have to demote him! BTW it really should be illegal to waste Freddy's fresh, warm, boy-juice!

H***** - 02/13/2024 10:41:36 PM

I'm a buttlover, loved the camerawork during rimming and entering of Freddy's asshole. Hot couple, good chemistry, thanks all!

u***** - 02/13/2024 10:02:16 PM

Two beautiful models in a sensuous scene. Having watched Nino Valens/Jason Bacall, Timothy Blue/Jim Durden ( 2scenes of each) , I wonder when will I see new scenes with such high levels of passion and sensuality that go well beyond what is here with Freddy and Tom.

w****** - 02/13/2024 10:00:25 PM

Freddie swims well enough to dive multiple times into the sea in Croatia. A very suitable pairing for Valentine's Day and a superb scene. They really look like lovers which is not something that happens in these scenes. Many thanks and lots of love to both and I hope to see much more of them in the future.

b********** - 02/13/2024 9:43:04 PM

What a wonderful scene. Tom is so beautiful and also Freddy. What a difference to his last scene. @ Jack Time The tattoo got Tom before his beginning at Bel Ami. It`s not new

r********* - 02/13/2024 9:27:28 PM

Love the moment when Tom spreads tne cheeks and shows us Freddy's delicious looking little hole.

M********* - 02/13/2024 7:02:21 PM

Such a loveley pairing. I love both guys.

v******* - 02/13/2024 4:02:45 PM

Great scene! Toms's blue eyes, amazing!

J****** - 02/13/2024 2:41:26 PM

Wonderful hot scene!

p***** - 02/13/2024 1:06:17 PM

Freddy has wonderful expressions & he really seems to be enjoying himself 👅💦♥️

J******* - 02/13/2024 11:19:13 AM

Very nice scene. When did Tom get a tattoo! Such a fucking dissapointment!

K***** - 02/13/2024 10:26:51 AM

Exceptional ! Been waiting on this since the backseat blow job on the road trip to Croatia.🇺🇦

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