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Freddy McQueen & John Leto part 2

After round one, John Leto and Freddy McQueen enjoy a steamy shower. Their wet naked bodies are so beautiful to watch but we already know there is more about to happen. Freddy’s debut as a top begins with an intense blowjob exchange until John finally offers up his butt for rimming. Freddy is excited to finally move over to the other side and give back all those pleasurable moments to John. Freddy’s dick slowly slides into John, his first time fucking an ass. Judging from John’s moans, his partner is giving him exactly what he needs, bringing him ever closer to orgasm. The final blowjob swap climaxes in a creamy double cumshot.

John Leto
Freddy McQueen
G********* - 06/13/2024 5:13:38 AM

So ... instead of showing us FREDDY's beautiful face during his orgasmic pleasure when John jacks him off, we see only John's much less attractive face while a ridiculous closeup of Freddy's cock spurts cum. You could show the cumshot AND the a view of his face! I'm just sick of pointing out how obvious a failure this is, not to ALWAYS show both guys' faces during orgasm.

u***** - 04/15/2024 6:14:25 AM

Beautiful loving boys in a great passionate scene. So happy to see 2 lush pubic bushes as so many models clip to whats barely a stubble.

C***** - 03/09/2024 9:40:41 PM

Freddy is greatfull and very Hot

g******* - 03/08/2024 3:48:25 AM

Genuine love-making.

J******** - 03/07/2024 1:43:58 PM

Bei 19 22 hat er sich mit einem wohligen Schrei in John ergossen und bei 21 47 dem Leto den Samen rausgeholt - so schön die beiden!

M********* - 03/06/2024 10:28:51 PM

Very hot. Freddy has made a very good debut as top and both are very sexy.

w****** - 03/06/2024 9:01:18 PM

I am a bit confused by the end of the scene. Did Freddie cum prematurely inside John, necessitating the added mutual masturbation ending? Still, many thanks and lots of love to both. I hope we will get to see much more of both.

t****** - 03/06/2024 3:14:34 PM

FABULOUS Mutual Masturbation session....why cant we have more of these????

p***** - 03/06/2024 12:21:23 PM

I loved the opening in the shower. It's been done before but there's something about these two that made me want to be in there with them. Freddy's rimming was awesome. All the kissing was sublime & don't think Freddy needs any more lessons in topping 💖💖

b******* - 03/06/2024 10:55:41 AM

Freddy ist ein guter Ficker: er wechselt immer das Tempo und küsst dazwischen immer wieder seinen Liebhaber. Es ist so geil, wie sie sich am Schluss das Sperma aus dem Schwanz wixxen.

J****** - 03/06/2024 2:13:56 AM

Absolutely hot new scene, finally with Freddy as top, which I've been waiting for for so long. Many thanks for this wonderful update !!!!

u********* - 03/05/2024 8:01:53 PM

****** Bitte mehr davon !!!

H***** - 03/05/2024 9:48:31 AM

Both are at the moment the hottest guys at BA/ Freshmen who realy love what they do together. Love it. Just the cameracrew/man doesn't feel the same, he films very focused on the bottom, but the top has also a hot butt when he sticks it in the air. Why not filming longer shots with a look on both from behind. Would be hot, happened in the past very often, but now a days hardly!

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