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Fabien Jacq

We are having a twinky breakfast at Lake Balaton this morning with the adorable Fabien Jacq as our companion and interview subject. This twink is just as mouth-watering and delicious as the original twinkie, with no calories. While Sven prepares for the usual morning rush-hour, Kevin attempts to find out what makes Fabien tick. Though Kevin fails to dig out any deep secrets, we do get a heap of interesting trivia to add to our Fabien knowledge. This interview followed by an enjoyable JO makes for a satisfying breakfast.

Fabien Jacq
s******* - 12/23/2019 2:41:50 AM

His lips were meant for cock and his hole was meant for eating. Jim Durden needs to eat Fabien and then fuck him silly.

p************ - 12/21/2019 3:52:36 PM

I like everything about this man, everything

M******** - 11/27/2019 6:01:26 PM

Fabien is adorable and very sexy. I want to see more of him!

v******** - 10/26/2019 12:42:48 PM

Fabien jack is adorable slim sexy and not so innocent we want him in many movies

d******* - 10/16/2019 1:52:44 AM

Fabien so cute and sexy with lovely dick for someone to suck. He has lovely body, balls so nice, lips for kissing. Fabien always ready for a good blow job.

B********* - 10/03/2019 1:49:30 AM

What a beautiful boy! What a beautiful cock! What a beautiful hole! How often must it have been fucked and fingered and dildoed to open like that as soon as he gets hard. Or maybe he gets hard when the thought of being fucked makes it open. Yet the rules for these solo sessions nowadays are so strict. He can only pat his hole. At most put one finger up to the first joint in. Why is that? Time was a boy could fuck himself with a Kris Evans Signature Cock or a Zac DeHaan Signature Cock. BA used to sell them. Maybe you saw Jack Harrer sensational 1st interview and solo with the fake dreadlocks back in 2009--where he fucked himself with this big black dildo while he jacked his giant cock to a geyser of cum. Why was that clip was removed? Why are dildos--even fingers banned? If the commenters here ignore my questions, you Jack fans out there should comment too. I'm sure BA has more dildo scenes in their vaults. That's not the issue. The issue is" why are boys like Fabian not allowed to give their fuckholes a good time on camera like the old days? Tops want those scenes.

P****** - 10/02/2019 1:27:17 PM

What everyone else said, including wizardva's pun.

g******* - 10/02/2019 1:47:26 AM

What a sexy, beautiful boy. Nice sense of humour and proportion and I want to see him often!!

w******* - 10/02/2019 12:19:51 AM

Fabien is fabulous and I love his lusciously lean body - more please

J****** - 10/02/2019 12:00:37 AM

Fabien is absolutely hot and sexy. I agree with mptcg1: simply a dreamboy! I really hope to see mutch more of him, but also in a FlipFlop-scene please :-))))

m***** - 10/01/2019 8:39:12 PM

Fabien is smart, cute and sexy, just a dreamboy. Reminds me of young Johan!

m******** - 10/01/2019 5:34:10 PM

Fabien is really handsome. But the checkmate is he's charm. I don't know who planned this dynamic filming and editing format, but it was great. Great! Looks like it was Kevin. Kevin I already love you for everything, but you really were very good at this video. Thank you

S******* - 10/01/2019 5:19:45 PM

Fabian is gorgeous with a beautiful slender twink body! I love watching him getting fucked! I hope we get to see much more of him!

R************ - 10/01/2019 3:27:29 PM

Fabien ├Ę il ragazzo ideale per farsi scopare.

p***** - 10/01/2019 1:30:27 PM

I wish we got to see more of Fabien!! He has a way about him which is totally charming and irresistible. Maybe it's his radiant smile? Maybe it's the impish impression he gives in his scenes that he loves to be fucked. One way or the other, he is a great advertisement for FM.

w****** - 10/01/2019 1:20:19 PM

At last the truth is out! The miscreant with the razor is Luke!

l******* - 10/01/2019 12:23:34 PM

Fabien is a beautiful boy who will grow into an Adonis! He is amazing!

o****** - 10/01/2019 12:17:54 PM

Fabien is a pretty and distinguished boy!

t****** - 10/01/2019 12:05:59 PM

Fabien is the perfect guy, an adorable face and body, perfect skin, I do like thin guys, more of Fabien please.

J****** - 10/01/2019 11:39:12 AM

Adorable et mignon Fabien est un beau jeune homme.

b***** - 10/01/2019 11:18:51 AM

Fabien is a sweet, cute and handsome guy, it is a pleasure to see him just walk around. His conversation with Kevin is very entertaining (once again compliments to Kevin for his interview techniques) and show his slightly ironic view on life and the world in general. Fabien seems a bit picky though when it comes to boys. Lucky for him (and us) there is a wide variety available at BA/FM, Kirk, Jordan, Danny, Luca and Bastian come to mind (maybe not that picky after all ­čśë) so he is still able to make his choice. His solo is very erotic, I hope to see much more of this cutie, solo and in action with other guys.

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