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Fabien Jacq

When we asked Phillipe Gaudin, who is in charge of preparing models for filming, what was most characteristic about Fabien, the answer was that he is wild… so it looks that this innocent looking sweetie is in the habit of getting in fights with much bigger boys (usually at discos). Occasionally we are rescheduling his scenes around black eyes. GD: He reminds me a bit of Bielko, who also likes starting fights with much bigger dogs. In any case we believe that you will find him likable and we can let you know that he will be back again soon in a scene with Jordan Faris.

F************ - 09/05/2020 3:04:37 AM

En ese caso creo que Bastian seria un buen candidato para entrenar a Fabien

h********* - 08/15/2020 3:53:01 PM

Cute guy. Love the natural body hair. I bet he had a lot of experience with gay sex before Freshmen.

e*********** - 07/02/2019 12:45:09 AM

Muito Lindo!!!!!!!!!!

b************ - 01/30/2019 11:02:42 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves a lot of pubic hair. Stop with the shaving, please!!!!!

R********* - 01/30/2018 2:29:31 PM

D' nt change any thing of this boy. he is so adorable,so sexy and has a splendid curved cock.

d****** - 01/30/2018 3:48:42 AM

What a gorgeous find with a smile that could light up the darkest night! And please leave him au shaving!!

I*************** - 01/27/2018 2:05:29 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if this guy joines Hoyt on the runway someday. What a great find! Maybe a little too skinny, but I think in time he will have gained some more muscle mass. But his face is simply adorable! Beautiful eyes!

N******** - 01/27/2018 10:42:02 AM

Great looking boy, keen to see him in action. bokutu is of course correct when he says "Would deserve a shave though"

t*********** - 01/25/2018 7:34:57 PM

Fabian is a textbook BelAmi twink - very cute, sexy body and a radiant smile! I'm looking forward to seeing him on video, and watching that lovely behind get put to good use...

t****** - 01/25/2018 5:50:24 AM

Fabien looks really cute and intriguing in #11 (#6 is a good pic too). Alas, it’s downhill from there, in terms of the photoset.

m***** - 01/24/2018 7:23:28 PM

I join the chorus: Please do not shave anything!

o****** - 01/24/2018 8:34:21 AM

Magnificent boy! Cute face, gorgeous lean but muscled body, nice curved up dick! Love his body hair so masculine and agree absolutely with Jakobus "please d o n ' t shave anything at this wonderful boy !!!" @foodrev Bielko is the fetish dog of the company, the well-loved mascot and great star!!!

g******* - 01/24/2018 1:12:31 AM

What a perfect cutie!

J****** - 01/23/2018 11:45:10 PM

Agree totally with Lutz8neumann. This boy is simply hot! Please give us many action-scenes with him and the other boys, not only one or two !!!! And finally: please d o n ' t shave anything at this wonderful boy !!!

m******* - 01/23/2018 10:25:53 PM

newcomer Fabian, is very hot he has an amazing hot body, smooth chest, man nipples...and his huge cock, wow Fabian Facq is so hot, hope he will comeback soon barebacking with jack Harrer..

b***** - 01/23/2018 9:35:59 PM

Just perfect. Would deserve a shave though.

m******* - 01/23/2018 7:28:43 PM

in agree with all and in particulary with LUTZ8NEUMAN, finally a wonderful, hansome, gorgeus little boy that can see too in sex action ( with Jordan ), too much beautiful boys appear and disappear for my frustration, is an happy news that this time this wonderful creauture can have a continuation

c***** - 01/23/2018 6:50:42 PM

hot boy. please add more danny defoe scenes.

f****** - 01/23/2018 5:56:24 PM

Gorgeous indeed! BTW, who is/was Bielko?

a****** - 01/23/2018 5:45:19 PM

George, you have chosen a handsome, indeed beautiful boy in Fabian. Can't wait to see more of him, especially with you and he in one of your famous interviews!

t****** - 01/23/2018 4:38:12 PM

He is gorgeous!!! It must be that curved dick that makes him so aggressive..

L*********** - 01/23/2018 4:12:43 PM

Believe it or not: For me Fabien is the best of the best ever seen since a very long time range. Just while watching the first photos last week that was "love at first sight" for me, and the today collection is another lightning strike into my heart (a pity therein are several photos double). To be able seeing him in action very soon, it is a fantastic announcement and I´m very exited about it. If Fabien can convince me with his activities, too, I´ll have a permanent fine place for him in the VIP Launch of my own TOP 3 RANGE for all the time - he is just wonderful, a real sweetheart.

w********* - 01/23/2018 2:14:34 PM

Agree with everyone. He's beautiful.

s******* - 01/23/2018 1:59:47 PM

Fabien looks really intriguing. I like him very very much! Can't wait to see him in motion!

b***** - 01/23/2018 12:31:30 PM

Fabien has a beautiful, cute and sweet face. His body ain’t bad either. In his facial features he reminds me of Martin Lennox, one of my all-time favourites. But, as Geoffrey, I will reserve judgment until I've seen him in action. It is a good thing that his first scene will be with the cheerful and sexy Jordan.

g********* - 01/23/2018 10:14:55 AM

I find it easier to write in English. I am intrigued by Fabien, but will reserve judgment until I've seen his scene with sweet and lovely Jordan..

s******** - 01/23/2018 9:53:08 AM

ils est tres goddamn muy friggin' fuerchterlich InfernoHeissilicious!!!!

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