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Ethan O’Pry & Viggo Sorensen

A few issues back we introduced you to Ethan O’Pry for the first time. Today, this stunning jock makes his first foray into hardcore action. With Ethan, what you see is what you get: he always sleeps naked and looks unbelievably sexy no matter when you wake him. Viggo Sorensen is quickly seduced by Ethan's stunning looks and takes a few casual shots of the young newcomer. Of course, he also wants to get him into bed. They warm up slowly with a naked photoshoot and then enjoy some wild sex with Viggo delivering his ass to his sexually talented partner. Ethan always delivers a stand out performance, no matter whether he tops or bottoms and we hope this video of him will be the first of many.

Viggo Sorensen
Ethan O'Pry
S******* - 09/07/2021 9:34:15 PM

Great, cum liking is superb

S****** - 08/14/2021 8:00:28 AM

Gorgeous studs - both of them. But, the close ups are TOO CLOSE and last too long. Really weird way to film it. Was the cameraman brand new at his job perhaps?

S*********** - 07/28/2021 3:21:37 PM

Let's be honest, most Only Fans content is filmed much more professionally than this. Such a pit as Ethan is soooo hot.

t***** - 07/25/2021 9:19:46 PM

Now post the clip that Ethan posted on his Onlyfans where Viggo fucks him.

j******** - 07/24/2021 11:20:06 PM

I like the long hair just as it is. Probably because mine is gone.

p******* - 07/22/2021 7:06:01 PM

I agree that Ethan is very hot (as is Viggo) and I hope to see more of him, but he is in desperate need of a hair stylist to give him a more flattering style - long is OK but long and messy is not - it always seemed to be in the way!.

s********** - 07/22/2021 6:40:11 PM

Ethan is the most beautiful BA model to debut in so many years, but his first scene is quite disappointing. I hope his confidence in front of the camera grows and the cam work manages to enhance his natural beauty and sexyness in the following scenes.

m******* - 07/22/2021 1:42:42 AM

I love both guys and hope that their next video is not so close. I love close ups but this really gets closer to them than they are to each other sometimes.

M******** - 07/21/2021 11:51:05 PM

Badly filmed and scripted.

J****** - 07/21/2021 11:19:56 PM

Finally the long-awaited first scene with Ethan. Basically absolutely hot! But why do we have that bad camera work? Partially bad shots, too many close-ups. This attitude with the severed heads has become a great indecency. Please stick to your perfect settings, which we know and love (with full views on bodys and faces). Needless to say, we want to see more scenes with Ethan.

G********* - 07/21/2021 9:02:10 PM

More Ethan O’Pry, More, More.

r*********** - 07/21/2021 6:02:22 AM

Having followed Ethan as a model for the Australian underwear and swimwear brand Marcuse, and followed him on Twitter and Instagram, to see him in extended motion is devastating. awesome waseome awrmme - sorry, I'm totally distraced . . . distracted.

V************ - 07/21/2021 5:35:09 AM

Horribly filmed which is such a shame when it is a debut scene of an extremely sexing young man.

a***** - 07/21/2021 3:58:13 AM

Gorgeous...the stuff of dreams!

g******* - 07/21/2021 2:28:11 AM

So hot! The sight of Ethan's whole, magnificent, body as he fucked the handsome Viggo was awesome. Loved seeing Ethan lick up his cum at the end.

w****** - 07/20/2021 11:04:35 PM

Superb. I wouldn't call Ethan a jock but he is a lovely man and exudes sex. I prefer him with the long hair but those who clamour for it not to be cut are due for disappointment I hope we can at least look forward to many more scenes with him. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

d******* - 07/20/2021 10:16:24 PM

OMG, hair so different, not that great.

s******* - 07/20/2021 7:37:58 PM

I'm looking forward to Ethan's casting video so we can learn more about him and feast our eyes on his magnificent body.

R***** - 07/20/2021 5:13:49 PM

At last - Ethan O'Pry! Just gorgeous - slender but muscular (those arms and abs and perfect pecs!) and glorious hair. The perfect young man. And what great sex with the lovely Viggo. And they spoke English as a bonus.

h******** - 07/20/2021 5:04:15 PM

OMG!!! Hot as hell!

R******** - 07/20/2021 4:13:00 PM

Ethan is so hot. Please do not change anything! Especially that great hair.

j******** - 07/20/2021 3:40:31 PM

Looking forward to seeing Ethan bottom. For the love of God don't cut his hair!

P****** - 07/20/2021 2:15:53 PM

Not crazy about Ethan and his lion's mane, but Viggo is one of the handsomest and most aesthetically pleasing young men at BA today.

D************* - 07/20/2021 1:58:54 PM

Ethan O'Pry would be stunning if he would just cut that hair. A short haircut like Viggo's would be perfect, then Ethan would be a turn-on for me.

w******* - 07/20/2021 1:07:51 PM

simply stunning - drool drool !!

r*********** - 07/20/2021 10:23:05 AM

ethan should be the bottom and they should eat oysters a day before a scene than you get better cumshots this was lousy

s******** - 07/20/2021 10:15:14 AM

Jsou tak krásné, že andělé pláčou s chtíčem v očích a pulzujícími penisy. They are so beautiful that the angels weep with lust in their eyes and throbbing cocks.

g******** - 07/20/2021 10:12:29 AM

Ethan is stunning, absolutely stunning!

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