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Ethan O’Pry & Tom Houston

The kitchen in the Spanish villa seems like the perfect place for sex. After enjoying Viggo’s ass on the kitchen table, today Ethan O’Pry offers his butt to Tom Houston. Tom is always up for sex - it's more fun than washing the breakfast dishes - and seduces his friend by kissing his neck, slowly undressing him and then rimming his butt before sliding his cock inside. They continue to fuck on the kitchen counter, the kitchen table and then in the chair before Ethan shoots a nice load. After Tom cums all over Ethan’s butt, it is finally time to clean the cum-covered floor.

Ethan O'Pry
Tom Houston
w***** - 05/17/2023 8:20:32 AM

I've always wanted to get rimmed while doing the dishes. A great prelude to this video!

g******* - 12/05/2022 10:12:27 PM

Sublimely beautiful between two very, very hot guys.

V************ - 11/26/2022 4:19:11 PM

Actually I thought the pairing, camera work and performance in this scene was truly wonderful! Tom is not the only Model that can come across as impersonal or detached. Some models are simply not very expressive emotionally and it cand iminish the quality of the scene. But overall I really enjoyed this scene. 5 Stars.

s******* - 11/24/2022 12:32:22 PM

Agree with @HetLoo. The camera work ruins almost the whole scene, and I add also the impersonality of Tom doesn't help. A missed opportunity for what could have been a great scene.

H***** - 11/23/2022 5:25:06 PM

Coeld have been a nice scene if the camerawork would have been better. This is amateuristic. Not for me. It's all about job done.

m*********** - 11/23/2022 1:44:44 AM

Ethan could be Tom's boyfriend ! they make a beautiful couple!

w****** - 11/22/2022 9:30:30 PM

The boys wouldn't last long in England at the moment with the current egg shortage. Tom has a lovely bum but it is surpassed by the beauty of Ethan's. I love Tom's direct approach here with none of the usual introductory blow-jobs. lots of love to both.

B***** - 11/22/2022 4:11:06 PM


d******* - 11/22/2022 3:49:46 PM

I hope we have more Ethan and Tom as they know how to make love.

l********** - 11/22/2022 12:22:56 PM

The guys are fine and good looking, but the pairing does not work for me.

t****** - 11/22/2022 12:04:41 PM

more Tom, MORE TOM!!!! Cant have enough of him..

g******** - 11/22/2022 11:46:43 AM

Ethan.......simply the best!!

M****** - 11/22/2022 9:45:09 AM

Greatfull ­čśő

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