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Ethan O’Pry & Kirk Gauguin

In our all-star  hook up today we have Kirk Gaugin taking full advantage of Ethan and his 'flexibility'. The boys start off with a few limbering exercises and we find out that Ethan is definitely a lot more (as Kirk says) 'stretchy' than his buddy. This definitely comes in handy as it isn't long before Ethan has his legs in the air and spread wide for Kirk's probing tongue and later his fat cock. Given the length of Ethan's hair, we can place this as an earlier clip for him, but short hair or long, he always gives us a very hot and sexy performance.

Kirk Gauguin
Ethan O'Pry
V******** - 12/01/2022 9:38:45 PM

There are a few performers that no matter what his partner does, I can only focus on him. Ethan is one of them. His chiseled body with its slight dusting of hair between the pecs and from navel to crotch, his incredible limberness, the handsome face crowned with a glorious mane of hair (I love long hair on men) and how hard he stays throughout the entire scene. He is one of a kind. I know Kirk did a good job also, but I'll have to watch this scene a few more times before I notice.

A******* - 09/25/2022 1:18:47 AM

A really hot scene but will we ever see Kirk bottom again, after the one & only time, a few years back?

m******* - 07/15/2022 7:22:43 PM

Kirk is a superb top and always gives just what the bottom needs. How hard could it be to fuck a guy like Ethan. The very sight of him causes hards to rise and desire to overwhelm. What beautiful men doing such manly things. Anywhere. Anytime.

x****** - 04/14/2022 9:26:10 PM

Long hair, short hair. I'd climb Ethan's hot, sexy body anytime.

t******* - 04/05/2022 7:38:05 PM

Such a fantastic scene with these two amazing young studs. I thought they were really into each other and that helped to make this special. I particularly loved watching Ethan ride Kirk's cock. I would have like to see Kirk blow his hot load on Ethans face. Other than that, this scene was fucking hot. Yes, Ethan please consider growing your hair back. You are an amazing looking guy, but, that hair just puts you on another level of hotness! It just compliments your insane body! HOT STUFF!

g******* - 02/14/2022 10:44:18 PM

Wonderful, so sexy. I loved the making out, stretching and their "massage' while wearing their tight underwear.

l******* - 02/12/2022 4:40:51 PM

Kirk is good, but again TOP, SORRY too bad

S****** - 02/12/2022 11:54:33 AM

Ah yes, another older scene with Ethan when he still had his luscious locks of long hair. I do hope he is working on growing that long hair back. Like the famous Sampson, he is not so special without the long hair....

w********* - 02/10/2022 1:03:10 AM

I love Ethan, his fabulous body and long hair really "do it for me". This is a really great fuck scene - Kirk is a great top and Ethan a fabulous bottom!

J****** - 02/10/2022 1:01:22 AM

Absolutely hot - perfect scene!

b******** - 02/09/2022 10:27:50 PM

Ethan is so sexy and he really does have a beautiful asshole

t********* - 02/09/2022 2:59:06 AM

Such a hot fuck scene!! I think Kirk is one of your most handsome Belami models (can we get him to bottom for Adam or Rhys???) while Ethan I think has become your most erotic, sexy and best-performing bottom. I love him in scenes as he is full-throttle romantic and driven (I also LOVE him in the long surferboy hair)!! Ten stars for this scene! Please more like this! Bravo!

r********* - 02/08/2022 6:30:37 PM

Two great scenes on FM this week.

b******* - 02/08/2022 5:50:31 PM

Two cute guys really enjoying each other's bodies. Full marks to Kirk for his English : even if it was scripted, he carried it off very well and sounded genuine.. A lovely, intimate scene.

D******* - 02/08/2022 4:36:13 PM

Fantastic and so Hot

k***** - 02/08/2022 3:33:15 PM

Firecracker Hot.

d******* - 02/08/2022 2:38:35 PM

This scene very lovely with two young men so in love and gorgeous bodies. Ethan and Kirk show their love for each other and so horny too.

W****** - 02/08/2022 12:39:47 PM

Beautiful men, great sex, well filmed. For me this scene is BA/FM at its absolute best. 500 stars.

j****** - 02/08/2022 11:26:04 AM

With Kirk it is always a horny scene

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