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Ethan O’Pry & Jim Durden part 2

As in the previous video both boys are fully versatile and so it would be a shame not to ask them to swap roles for the follow up. When Jim sees the chance to channel his endless energy into topping Ethan, there is simply no stopping him. Ethan actually prefers to bottom so riding Jim’s cock seems like a great idea to him too. As in the first part, both performances are scintillating. This new year is already full of sticky happy endings.

Jim Durden
Ethan O'Pry
L*********** - 11/16/2022 3:18:49 AM

I guess im in the minority here. I dislike Ethans hair long and feel he's much hotter and less disheveled looking with a shorter professional haircut.

x****** - 04/14/2022 5:49:50 AM

It would be absolute Heaven to Fuck with Ethan!

w****** - 03/24/2022 9:57:40 PM

Brilliant! Nobody does it quite like Jim and Ethan certainly knew he was being fucked, The communication in English also enhances the scene. Lots of love to both.

g******* - 01/20/2022 11:33:38 PM

As good as it can possibly get - no - better! They have a shared intimacy that could make them a real life couple. Imagine that!

w********* - 01/18/2022 1:52:08 AM

Two amazing models in a really hot fuck. I love Ethan and am soo happy he is now an active model. His fabulous hair ahs now gone and I am very sad about that. I hope there was no pressure on him to cut it. Please grow it back Ethan!

K***** - 01/16/2022 1:29:58 PM

Wow, even better than Pt.1 & no subtitles to ruin the scene.

d******* - 01/13/2022 8:21:40 AM

Ethan, a very lovey body, with nice hair and curls too. Hope they did not forget the kissing!!

s******** - 01/12/2022 9:36:19 PM

And that sound when Jim is deepthroating Ethan. Fantastic

v******** - 01/12/2022 5:19:24 AM

tout a fait d accord JACK ils sont si sexuels ensemble

8********** - 01/12/2022 3:19:29 AM

This 2nd part is even better than the first. It't s a pity there is no section of Favorites at Freshmen. Otherwise, this should be one the great Favorites. Both models are fantastic. Ethan's long hair is super sexy. Great video indeed.

n***** - 01/11/2022 9:45:37 PM

I want to eat Ethan's ass, fuck it and have him cum inside me. That's all. :)

S****** - 01/11/2022 7:55:56 PM

Ethan's long hair here is FANTASTIC with such luscious curls and highlights. It adds a dimension of gorgeousness that is lost now that he has actually cut it short. Truly, I hope he decides to grow his hair long again.

J****** - 01/11/2022 3:38:54 PM

Ca valait la peine d'attendre ce matin, la seconde partie de la scène des ébats entre Jim et Ethan est encore plus chaude que la première. Ethan est une merveille de garçon!

t********* - 01/11/2022 2:05:13 PM

Durdenpry is the new language of fuck

d******* - 01/11/2022 12:21:17 PM

sorry for the download issue, system glitch, it is fixed now and i have cleaned up the comments that were only about the problem. hope it was worth the wait :-)

m***** - 01/11/2022 11:57:50 AM

Part 2 is even hotter than part 1!

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