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Ethan O’Pry & Jim Durden part 1

When we were thinking of something nice to bring you as a welcome to 2022, the choice was pretty clear. Combining the wild, unchained energy of Jim Durden with the striking inner and outer beauty of Ethan O'Pry seemed the best option. Jim never stops surprising us and this video is no exception. After a passionate blowjob session, Jim offers his butt to Ethan who does not hesitate a second. After some sensuous rimming, he slides his hard manhood in. The chemistry between the two is clear to see as they both climax with volcanic loads of cum.

Ethan O'Pry
G********* - 06/05/2024 9:39:53 AM

I agree with Sniperman (11/17/2023) that these guys "are among the hottest" on BA & FM. And Jim's orgasm here is an earth-shaking keeper, with the camera thankfully panning up to catch most of his ecstatic facial expression during it. But why isn't Ethan's face shown during HIS? Earth to Bel Ami: Do you REALLY not grasp the idea that orgasm happens in the brain? Are you that STUPID? Cumshots are fun, it's fine to show them ALSO, but the orgasm doesn't happen in a generic disembodied cock that could belong to any of your well-hung models! Instead of zooming in ridiculously close to perform a dermatology exam on the model, how about just holding the damn camera steady at medium distance and let us watch the damn sex?!! The face is the window and if we can't see the face at climax we literally cannot SEE the orgasm! You used to know this! Many Bel Ami classics from decades ago show the ecstasy on the guys' faces throughout their orgasms! Somehow this seems to have been forgotten! WTF! I am baffled by this REPEATED failure that WASTES so MANY hot scenes and so MANY of your own hot and hardworking performers!

S********** - 11/17/2023 9:48:02 PM

Ethan and Jim are among the hottest guys on BA an Freshmen ever. Both are incredibly attractive young men and they give the impression of enjoying what they are doing. Gay porn doesn't get any better than this and apart from Belamionline, there's nothing else like it. Freshmen and Belami are truly unique. That has to be said.

S************* - 11/01/2023 2:53:59 AM

Ethan O'Pry is one great example of the beauty of men. My best friend who's ''straight'' confessed that he secretly watches his videos because he is so blown away by how hot guys are. When men are beautiful, they are way prettier than women. I'm so turned on by this guy and I wish I encountered such a guy in real life. I'm not ugly myself (according to others) so I would love to be part of Freshmen.

w****** - 03/24/2022 10:28:33 PM

Wonderful! I could watch this pair all day. Lots of love to both. Jim's command of English is great but I am very amused to learn that he has a talking couch.

w********* - 01/18/2022 1:48:33 AM

This is a really hot scene, both gorgeous guys. However, I love Ethan and am sooo happy that he is now being used as a model. I love his hair and it was a fabulous point of difference between him and most of the other models. Please get him to grow it back!!!!!

g******* - 01/16/2022 11:07:53 PM

Could it be any hotter? Two guys who genuinely love the whole thing. The initial seduction was amazing and it was so hard not to cum there and then!

K***** - 01/16/2022 1:15:55 PM

Finally ! All those English lessons have paid off.

a********* - 01/13/2022 10:03:53 AM

Hot studs having hot sex. Both incredible performers. Jim is at the top of his game and Ethan, well what can I say? I'm simply not worthy. Great scene guys.. Thanks

d******* - 01/13/2022 7:50:24 AM

Both Jim and Ethan did lovely sexy jobs in this scene and especially Ethan showing his sexy HOT body with nice curve too.

d********* - 01/12/2022 8:29:58 AM

The best scene ever, love the hairy chest, the talking, the passion, love everything 100 out if 10 Fabulous ❤️❤️

s******** - 01/11/2022 8:54:56 PM

I agree with Saurian. Ethan is much better with long hair. Since (IMHO) he is not as beautiful as other or our boys but he is brutally sexy, with the shorter hair the attention goes more into his features and, with longer hair he exudes sex appeal.

S****** - 01/11/2022 7:57:26 PM

Ethan's long hair here is FANTASTIC with such luscious curls and highlights. It adds a dimension of gorgeousness that is lost now that he has actually cut it short. Truly, I hope he decides to grow his hair long again. Ethan, please grow back your gorgeous, stunning lion's mane of hair!!!

m***** - 01/11/2022 3:03:26 PM

Jim is so hot and full of sexual energy, paired with beautiful Ethan makes this scene exceptional.

t******** - 01/11/2022 1:59:19 PM

Don't speak, please! ;-)

a***** - 01/11/2022 12:17:14 PM

I still remember how Jim was fun to watch back in his interview at the castle? I'll have to come back to him somehow... It feels like a while but he still looks great and fun. I know it's been a while főrhim but I hope he still enjoys what he's doing, especially when it comes to "guiding" new boys through their BelAmi journey.

s******** - 01/11/2022 11:36:45 AM

wonderfully slutty lusty SIZZLICIOUS work of Bacchus...JUST A DAMN FINR FIREY FUCK.

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